Why is it so hard to please women?

Honestly as a girl, all you do is look hot and I guarentee guys will date you. I have seen girls will the personality of a cucumber get guys because they are good looking. Of course in a long term relationship the girl will have to display more characteristics then "being hot", but to start off, in the casual dating scene thats all they need to do and guys will approach them. Meanwhile to please women a guy needs to do so much. He needs to have confidence, because if he doesn't have confidence (even if that lack of confidence is linked to women rejecting him), he isn't going anywhere, if the guy isn't good looking then there is still a chance, but his chances are diminished (tons of girls, just about every one in the world claims personality over looks, but subconsciously women are more likely to say yes, and react positively to an attractive guy verses a not so good looking guy.), which brings me to my next point in that women require a guy to have some "ideal personality". As I said basically every woman I talk to is the same, they all say they want a guy with a good personality, whatever that means, obviously if you are a guy without a "good personality" then you are out of luck, and its super hard to change that facet of you because you have no idea what a good personality is to start with. Then of course the women require the man to make all the risks, to go out of his way to hit on her, ask her out, etc etc, which is demanding of the man's confidence, as well as his motivation, if he keeps getting shut down he isn't going to want to keep asking women out. Then the guy has to pay for the date, he has to pick where the date is going to be, he has to do most of the talking because he was the one that asked out so he has to prove to the girl why she should date him. There are more but I'm running out of space, I just want to know why women are so demanding of men. We all aren't good looking, confident, charming, hollywood movie stars like you see on TV.
Why is it so hard to please women?
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