Me and my girlfriend fight all the time over nothing - what can I do to stop it?

Me and my girlfriend fight all the time over nothing, like if we are bored and don't know what to do, or we are hungry and don't know what to eat. it really is over nothing. I love her so much and I hate fighting with her. What can we do to stop fighting, I have tried everything what can I do to stop it?


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  • How about just not doing it. It takes 2 people to have an argument. Refuse to argue, take control of your emotions.

    • Like I really don't want to, But it keeps happening, how would I go about it?

    • It does not "just keep happening". You are allowing it to happen. Try just keeping your mouth shut or just walking away. Only you can control yourself.

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  • We're girls, it may seem like we're arguing over nothing, but I can promise it's something. Confront her, I mean you already argue, right? It won't hurt to dig deeper and find out what's really been bothering her.

    • i am trying to talk to her.. but she is really a complicated person.. if we start a fight and we both know its her fault i can't turn around and tell her im angry at her or then she won't talk to me for ages... she is the type of person where only she can be mad haha.. basically if ill get mad over something she will get mad 1000times more and then even tho its her fault ill have to say sorry... i have to make the first step and i do cuz i love her really much and i dont care whos wrong as long as we r together..

    • I'm really sorry, maybe you should ask her what you can do to make it right? Let her know you're done arguing it hurts, and that you love her. Or if she's really going off for nothing just dont reply to her text for a few hours or call her. Yes she'll get mad that you're ignoring her, but simply tell her you're not talking to her when she's angry. if she threatens to break up with you all I can say s that she's doing all this arguing because she wants out.

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  • Well, try talking about your problems (good luck).

    Maybe the two of you are tired of each other, how many times do you and your girlfriend see each other (if you live together then nvm)?

    • We have been tougher just over a year and see each other almost every day, not for a long period every day, sometimes only an hour but we always talk

    • Ok listen give yourself some space (not saying breaking up) but don't see her every day or talk to her everyday (that means text, e-mail, phone, etc). Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so what I'm saying is you two need to miss each other. Your in the comfort zone!!!!!!!! Go at least 2 days with out talking to her, if she ask what's the deal just say "I was really busy with some stuff" even if you wasnt.

    • But if he said he was busy, then he think other stuff are more important than she is and here you go all over again ^^.

      Girls are crazy! :P

  • Just tell her that you don't like fighting ?

    There is no reason to fighting if you don't want to.

    • But it keeps happening, I really don't want to fight and neither does she, but that does not seem like its enough to stop it

    • Every time that you feel as if you are going to fight, hug her or kiss her.

      Hug is preferred because it makes your partner calmer.

  • That is just how you love one another I guess. You are not a rare match-up though you are a strange one. There's no particular antidote without the two of you actually working together.

    • we werent like this !! its only we fighiting for past few months... and tell me what can two of us do to help it?

    • Well, identify the underlying cause first. For instance a lot of people start getting annoyed with one another when stress enters their personal lives such as school or impending trips and decisions. Maybe you are both seniors and facing going to college and thus the odds of separation may be high. Maybe there was some conversation about the future that one of yo udidn't think was important and the other was truly dedicated to. Etc.

      These things happen so talking about the core source is important but it can be hard to find.