My girlfriend will be moving away in 6 months to start her doctoral internship. What should I do?

Long story short, we have been dating about 8 months now. I do love her, and have said it once but she did not return the sentiment. But we were having a bit of a fight at the time. And it takes her a while to feel those emotions according to her. While I accept this, it definetly worries me considering our timeline.

Currently I live in my hometown which I moved back to about 6 years ago. My whole family is here, and I am fairly close with them. She is from another state about 9 hours away, her family lives there, but her extended family is mostly in India, and her brother lives in texas, so they are all over the place, but still extrememly close. I spent a week with them over the holidays, and it went pretty well though, we had a few small fights while there because she is a bit difficult at times.

There have been a few bigger red flags on my end, and it is hard to talk with her about it because it seems to cause a fight everytime I bring up an issue. That being said she has no problem telling me all the things wrong with me, and it is started to drain me. If she can't allow me to do the same it won't work.

With all that being said. I really like this girl despite our difficulties. We seem to make up pretty quickly, but I feel like that is mostly due to me. I assume that when she moves she will want me to come along to wherever she goes, but my problem is if this stuff doesn't change I don't think I would feel comfortable moving with her. I would be having to pick up my whole life and career and move it. I have a good job here, and I like being close to my family. But I would move if I felt like this could really go somewhere. My problem is I feel like she would not do the same for me. She is applying all over the country, and it feels like I have no say where she might go. I know it's her future, but if we stay together it will be both our futures. And I would like to have a say where we end up. What does everyone think of this situation?
My girlfriend will be moving away in 6 months to start her doctoral internship. What should I do?
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