Why don't guys notice me?

guys never seem to look twice at me... am I really that unattractive?

i don't think I'm ugly... not hot or sexy either.

I'm not skinny but not fat

i always have old ladies telling me I'm pretty lol never guys though.

i went to an all girls school all my life so I never really had any guy friends.

now I'm in college but I'm kind of shy and I don't really know how to talk to guys.

i always embarrass myself when I talk to a guy... always say something stupid.

but guys don't ever seem to look at me... like I'm invisible

what am I doing wrong?


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  • the guys at your school are either gay or blind. I honestly think you're pretty. I would have tried talking to u. maybe cause you're shy you don't notice the subtle hints from guys? I bet the ones who do think you are pretty too are too shy to come up and talk to u. as guys, we always have to initiate the conversation and man up. the fear of rejection is pretty big for some guys. as long as you don't walk around looking really busy or looking at the ground the whole time then it should be too hard to at least get a smile here and there. the little things like that build up confidence. I broke out of my shell by talking to any girl I was standing near. in the cafeteria, library whatever. whether I thought they were pretty or not. just simple everyday conversation is like practice when you talk to someone you really do like.

    • ok I just looked at your picture again. your not just pretty but really pretty. honestly. beautiful eyes and nice lips =) I am actually surprised at your question. it has to be cause guys are too intimidated.

    • thanx for the advice... I guess I never thought of it like that... guys are shy too :P I'm gonna try and work on the smiling thing ha ha but yea like I said I really don't have any experience talking to guys...so I always make a fool of myself :S but I'm gonna try not being so shy :P

      oh and thanks for the compliments =)

    • no problem good lookin. remember that the opposite sex aren't a different species. they're people too and there's no magical words to say that will make them like you right then and there. talk to them like you would your friends or family members. just listen to them when they talk so you can respond and not think "omg he's talking to me, what do I say I'm so nervous! don't f*** it up!" the whole time lol

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  • Don't short-change yourself. In moderation, the biggest turn-on for a guy is self-confidence. Just remember (as far as I can tell) you're a sweet, sensitive girl with good looks who is worth getting to know.

    If you think it, others will. Sorry if that seems a little fortune-cookie.

  • your eyes look dark, like you have to much shadow on or something. try wearing some lighter make up.


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  • I don't really know if you're looking for 'true love' or just guys to hang out and be friends with. But, my pops told me along time ago, that one should not actively look for love. Instead let love find you. I know it sounds corny, but I think it's pretty good advice. As for getting attention from guys in order to be friends with them...I think you just need to be yourself. Try to talk to them like you normally talk to your female friends. They're people too. Talk about your interests. Smile. If you don't get a response or they just brush you off, well, that's okay. Why would you want to surround yourself with people who don't even want to get to know the real you? I know it's scarey and intimidating but slowly get over your shyness and you'll see how much wider your social circle will become, be it through classmates or acquaintances. Don't be afraid to be rejected, it's normal. You can't like everyone and everyone can't like you. So just get out there and get going girl!