She blocked me?

ok so a girl who was interested in me rejected me.. not long ago. My "friend" got into a fight with her over phone 2 days ago. I was included.. so basically my friend said something about her being jealous when she saw me with another girl and other things.. Of course she denied it all and said she doesn't give a shit about me.. but I saw the way she acted when she saw me and so did the other girl.

She asked me to come over to her and her female friend to talk. So I did and drove to them with another friend. We talked for like 1 hour.. so we basically made things right and we're cool. But she told me she was already dating someone... someone with the same name as me only this dude is like 13 older than her. And i'm younger than her so she tells me she doesn't date guys younger than her..

But she passed me her cigarettes a lot that evening. I had my own lighter so I could lit my own cigarette. But she then gave me another one and she lit it for me. She did this a few times.. we were sitting almost next to each other and I think pretty close as well. She was looking at me, obviously while talking but also while we weren't talking. She offered me and my friend a drink as well. Also I saw her puppils were dilated. And I started to feel kinda bad so she asked me many times if I was ok. I almost fell and she kinda panicked that I would fall off my chair.. and when I almost had my head on the table she touched me to check on me.. We then left cause my friend wanted to go. And she asked my friend to look over me.

After we got home we texted a bit over night and that felt good. Everything was ok. Yesterday I got a text from her saying she doesn't want to recieve any texts or calls from people I know. I asked if she still wanted to have something to do with me and she said no 😔 I left her alone and didn't text her.

Hours later around the evening I saw she blocked me on Whatsapp and 2 of my instagram accounts.. I don't understand I feel heartbroken
She blocked me?
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