My girlfriend is acting rude and disrespectful for almost everything. What can I do?

So i am in a relationship with a girl for amost 2 years.
In a last few months she is getting mad so quickly for minor things.
For example:We decided to meet at Monday and i didn't feel good at Sunday. She didn't even believe me that i feel sick and she started to be disrespectfull... that i am overreacting, that i am a mommys little boy, that she will break up with me, that i will never find anyone and she will find thousands... telling all kind of vulgar words, even talking disrespectful about my parents she blocked me on all social media, she even said that she wants me to die. next morning she texts me... if i will go pick up her shoes in a city. (like nothing happened last night) and also she didn't care at all that i feel sick.
I said no and she got mad again. She acted vulgar, she deleted me on social media and said... its over.
after 2 days i ordered shoes on her adress. And what happened. She texted me:why did u send me shoes? And she wanted to apologise...
after 2 days i gave her another chance. She promised that she won't be saying its over/blocking and beeing so vulgar.
But what happened:
After one week we were on a sofa. I somehow moved her leg and her ripped jeans were torn.
She got crazy. Like i did it on purpose. She threw my things over apartment, and left...
next day she texted... its over... that i did that on a purpose, that i am the worse person ever,... millions of vulgar words,. that she never even felt so much, that she was also not interested to have sex recently because she didn't have feeling that i love her,... that i am borring, not funny, she was vulgar about my parents again. She said she will destroy my things, my car...
Otherwise she is very serious, loyal and interesed to spend time with me.
I really love her a lot and i would do anything for her.
Is there anything that can fix that?
My girlfriend is acting rude and disrespectful for almost everything. What can I do?
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