Why would she act guarded and stopped talking to me?

Why would this girl who I’ve met a few weeks ago start to act guarded around me and stop talking to me? Before this happened we had chemistry and connected, we talked about life and deep meaningful stuff, she asked me a lot of questions and I felt like we just clicked. She showed signs of interest, flirting, playing with her hair, giddy around me, touch me, laugh at my jokes, stare often, look deep into my eyes when we talked, check me out, she was self conscious around me, she’d be nervous and fidget. She mentioned hanging out together one weekend. Then she’d start trying to make me jealous flirting with other guys, trying to get my attention, talk to everyone except me. Why would she show signs of interest towards me then act guarded and stop talking to me? I’m confused does she like me and want me to make a move/playing hard to get?
Or is she not interested and just being nice and flirty for attention/playing me?
Why would she act guarded and stopped talking to me?
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