What does it mean if your guy friend treats you differently?

hey guys!..my guy friend is a little more caring and nicer to me than he is with other girls

question is: could he like me?..or is it cos I'm really shy that he treats me with a little bit more 'affection'

here are some examples:

once, we were sitting with a group of friends and eating, everyone served themselves, but I wasn't hungry so I didn't want to eat.The guy I like, sign language for me to take the food. BUt I said no,. Later, he came all the way up to where I was sitting, with food and tissues and everything in hand and gave it to me to eat. (but! as soon as he gave me the food, he left..he was kinda awkward and shy when he did this).

When we went to the fair the other day, and he got on the rides, he always asked me to hold his stuff for him, like is bag or his jumper or wallet. As if I'm his girlfriend or smth!..he never asks any of the other girls, or he doesn't leave it in a pile somewhere else (it wasn't like he was dumping the stuff on me either, or using me or anything..it was more like he trusted in me out of everyone else to keep things safe..or at least that's what I felt)

i am kind of shy, especially in groups, but he does (not always!) invite me places with his friends. But when I'm there I never speak, cos I get so shy in groups and he devotes all his attention to his friends, but he does look at me once in while, and when I start speaking, he is keen on listening to me.

if he sees me at the other end of the room, he comes all the way to where I am standing just to talk to me. I don't go up to him cos I'm too shy. He is really talkative, and talks to everyone, but in the end, when he finishes talking to everyone, he will come up to me, and strike a conversation.

I know he defo likes me as a friend, but could it be more?

I know I should be less shy around him and also when in a group and stuff, but my question really is..based on what I've described above..could he actually like me?
What does it mean if your guy friend treats you differently?
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