Why has she gone cold on me all of a sudden?

There’s this women at the cafe I work at. We’ve been friends for a about a year now. I helped her through some personal problems and in the process I developed feelings for her.

A few weeks ago, I asked her out and she rejected me. For a few days, I ignored her to try get my head straight. I heard she was all emotional and sad on me I ignoring her. About a week later the Cafe closed for a while due to COVID.

She then text me asked me how long I decided on ignoring her and that she wanted her friend back etc... A day or so later it went back to normal. We’d continuously text, talk etc and it was fine like before.

This week we came back to work and yesterday she was fine with me, we shared a laugh but today she’s gone all cold on me. Every time she’s seen me walking towards her or she walks towards me she’s ignores me and quickly moves away to do other stuff. I don’t understand why she’s doing this.

What do I do?
Why has she gone cold on me all of a sudden?
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