Why would she start acting this way?

I don’t really understand why she’s acting this way with me. We are friends at work and we always got on well together. I made her laugh and we just had heaps of chemistry. I guess I tested her reaction to see if it bothered her that I liked another girl at work and now she’s acting like this and being distant and cold. I think I might of hurt her I’m not sure because she’s trying to make me jealous and get me to notice her but when I approach her other times she acts busy but always stares at me and look away other times. As this kept happening I was fed up and asked her about it and she denied it and now we aren’t talking. She’s tried to approach me again but I’ve ignored her because I can’t keep doing this shit she needs to tell me what is going on between and wbu she’s acting this way.
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She’s really upset we aren’t talking now but I don’t get it because I know the same thing will keep happening over and over again
Why would she start acting this way?
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