Please Help Me With This Girl Behavior?

1. I've been going to a Chinese restaurant and I always sit in the same booth.
2. One time I saw a waitress ask my waitress if she could take my order and she did. Her name is Helen.
3. When I went to pay my bill Helen asked the cashier if she could check me out and she did.
4. Helen said she looks forward to seeing me again.
5. I didn't think anything of it.
6. On the next visit the exact same thing happened.
7. I thought about it and wondered if Helen was interested in me. So I decided to ask her out.
8. On the next visit Helen did the exact thing as the other two times.
9. When Helen checked me out I asked her out to a coffee shop so I can buy her a coffee or tea. I told her I wanted just to chat.
10. Helen said she is too busy. She works 6 days a week with 12-hour shifts. I told her I would like to treat her to a coffee on her day off.
11. Helen says she has too many things to do on those days. She thanked me for the offer and said goodbye. She then said she looks forward to my next visit.

I just don't understand why she is paying me so much attention and not interested in going out. Do you have any insights?
Please Help Me With This Girl Behavior?
Please Help Me With This Girl Behavior?
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