Good looking, kind caring and smart but still single?

I'm a very confident out going and smart girl who has a lot of friends. I'm known for being kind, honest and caring and a lot of fun to be around. Not many people would have anything bad to say about me. Often people say I am crazy but generally in a good way... I just enjoy life and speak very honestly. I know that looks aren't a huge thing in life, but I am an above average attractive girl and I am very comfortable with the way I look.

The things is I have now been single for 2 years. I've been on dates and guys are generally attracted to me and there has been a few who are interested in me. But I don't just want any guy... I mean I'm not talking about the perfect tall dark handsome and rich guy. But a strong guy with his own mind and of course I need to find him attractive.

I have met so many guys who seem to like me but for one reason or another seem scared or intimidated. Sometimes I doubt this and think maybe I am a little to confident in myself. But when talking with friends they say this is likely the case. I am a strong person with a strong personality, I have a little more money than the average person. I don;t work and put all of my efforts in to training in my sport and I guess in some respects could be viewed as being kept by my parents from and outside point of view.

I am definitely not the girl who's going to run after a guy doing his washing and cooking all of the time and I know it clear I am not like this. But I genuinely am seen as a good person, with a good heart and I take care of how I look and I am always told I am pretty. I don;t want to change the person I am just because I can't seem to get a boyfriend... but I don't want to stay single forever. I can't think what can honestly be that off putting about me id really like to find someone who I really like and really can appreciate me the way I am!
Good looking, kind caring and smart but still single?
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