Are we best friends or is she testing the water?

So I began hanging out with a girl in my friend group who I dated a year ago and we've become very close. We've hung out as friends for a good few months now and have do slot together anyway, but recently she's become so different.

She told me a few weeks back that she only sees me as a friend these days and thinks we work better that way and that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore. We continued to hang out and things were the same, however we broke up originally because she thought I was weak and needy but in reality it seems like she's an avoidant lover and had an abusive ex and non loving parents, so when I began showing affection and care she seen it as weak.

Last week I felt she was walking all over me and I decided to let her have it. I told her she seems to see my kindness for her as weakness but it's not happening and she's going to show me respect or I walk from our friendship and I pretty much let her have it. She maintained that we were just friends but since that moment she's completely different. She's giddy when she sees me, she touches me a lot more, I've caught her twirling her hair looking at me, she's let me hold her hand at a table, she wants me to meet her parents now, she's happy ro spend all her time with me and she's willing to come over all the time. She teases me, she messes with me and I'm almost like a drug she can't get enough of now, whereas originally I was always treated as a friend.

I'm kinda just confused, she reaffirmed she doesn't have feelings for me anymore, yet in this last week she's done a complete 180 and we can't get enough of eachother. Even when she starts getting in a mood I call her out and then she smiles. Is she now comfortable that we're friends and we've just happened to become best friends? Or is she almost test driving me to see if I'm worth pursuing something more with, without having to say it and risk our close friendship?

We are best friends, but she treats me different now

Are we best friends or is she testing the water?
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