Is it possible to re-attract my friend?

Pretty much I was dating a friend because we both had strong feelings for eachother, however, I then entered a kind of rough time in my life and began to act weak, needy and clingy around her to the point she found me to be suffocating.

She ended up breaking up with me because she didn't feel anything for me anymore. We took some time apart and then became friends. We effectively are best friends really. We tell eachother everything, we do everything together etc, but because she doesn't have feelings for me she has started seeing other guys which made me realise I still have feelings for her and I was wondering if I could get mine back from her?

Pretty much all that's missing is her attraction for me which left because she seen me as a weak man. I've been working on myself recently and have become quite confident. Our friendship has taken a new dynamic as a result and instead of me being soft and nice and kissing her ass all the time I have began treating her like the friend she is. My more confident and charismatic approach has led to there being a lot of play fighting, messing and teasing with eachother which I suppose is a decent start.

However I was wondering what are some ways to make her feelings develop for me again? I know it doesn't haopen overnight but what are some steps I should take? Some people think I should keep being confident and play fighting with her but also increasing eye contact and making myself less available to her. But what are some other things I could do? Would genuinely love some good advice. I don't tend to keep female friends long because they tend to develop crushes on me, so I'm hopeful that if I treat her like the rest the same will happen, however I figure it'll take more than that to make her see me as manly again

Is it possible to re-attract my friend?
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