Why did we cry when we said goodbye?

I worked at a camp all summer and while there I met a guy who became my friend. I am interested in him and he knows that but right now we are both keeping it at just a friendship. Today was our counselor banquet. As it was ending he said "I have to drive to New York real early tomorrow I should go. But I'll be back to say goodbye. I'm going to see everyone first. You're last."

As soon as he walked over to the first person he started saying he was going to miss them and I started bawling. I wasn't sure why I cried and I didn't expect to, it just happened and I couldn't stop. When we finally said goodbye we hugged for a long time. He actually started crying while hugging me. He told me I was beautiful and that camp being over wasn't going to keep him from me.

Why did I see him saying bye and burst into tears? I couldn't control it. I NEVER cry in front of people but I couldn't resist. Does it mean anything that he cried, too?
Why did we cry when we said goodbye?
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