Heard of Tickle versus Giggle Court Case?

Who do you hope wins this court case?

Giggle For Girls is a social media platform for girls by birth or natal girls if you prefer.

Roxanne Tickle is a trans woman who is not a girl by birth.

Yeah, Tickle vs Giggle is a real court case in the Australian Federal Court and has to be one of the most amusing law suit titles ever.

Tickle signed up for Giggle and got past the AI male detection by providing a fuzzy photo. Sometime later the owner of Giggle for Girls booted him out and Tickle decided to sue for discrimination and very hurt feelings and disparagement from those who naturally piled on and sank the boot in. As you would.

Tickle has to argue that not only is gender fluid but sex is also fluid despite there only being two viable combinations of X and Y chromosomes.

There is also a constitutional issue because the power of the Federal gov't to legislate a Sex Discrimination act was based on it ratifying a UN treaty on discrimination against women. A later (woke) gov't removed references to men and women and replaced with vague gender statements. As the UN convention still says men and women it is dodgy the gov't had the power to slide in gender instead.

The poor bastard of a judge now has the pleasure of defining what a Woman is when nobody else in the world has been able to. The hearings took two days and the deliberations are expected to take the rest of the year. Not surprising.

Then it is all going to the Australian High Court for a replay and ruling on the constitutional aspects.

Is's a great giggle about tickles don't you think?

Heard of Tickle versus Giggle Court Case?
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