Puppy love, sham or Delusion🥸?

I was an introvert before but I think I have come out of my shell now 😊. Nowadays I started my business and am not shy to talk to people anymore and now I am looking to get in a relationship👫. But not good at keeping conversation going on face to face with girls but am good at chatting via insta🥲.

So at least 4 days back I got a message from a college girl 🫣🫠 complimenting me on my car being nice from my photos and I thought to start my journey here.

But I have no idea on how to take our insta chat to real life and even to start a relationship between us.
Any tips dear gentle men and woman 🥺🙏
Puppy love 💏🐶
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Puppy love, sham or Delusion🥸?
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