How Do I Make This Rejection Less Awkward?

I (21m) work at a large building with hundreds of people, there is a girl (21) who seems pretty shy who came up to me a month ago and we talked for a couple hours straight and always give a passing wave and maybe small talk since we’re in the same department of about 80 people. Yesterday i asked for her number she offered instagram but I disabled mine recently and told her then she said I could have her number (looking back maybe that was a sign lol but I was just happy) but I texted her about 2 hours after saying hi/usual thing getting a number and didn't get to see her in person the rest of the day. She never responded and sure I am disappointed a bit cause I thought it was kind of mutual interest, but I’m not mad and won’t double text her. I do have some women friends there I hang out with regularly to and am friendly to everyone. I also talked to her friends a few times there and they’re all nice people even talking to me first a couple times since I found I went to school with them.

How should I go about it when seeing her? I won't ask her about it at all, I feel bad if i made her uncomfortable since I always try to smile and bring good vibes. Should I keep being normal waving and hello’s or maybe just look the other way and not bother her? Once again I’m not mad at her or anything she’s really sweet and quiet. Maybe she changed her mind or I just assumed wrong lol

I was going to a new job starting my career in 6 mos I also told her about it when I first talked to her too so I wasn't worried about work interference and the whole “dont shit where you eat” thing since this is an entry level job

Sorry for long post! Any kind and good advice appreciated

How Do I Make This Rejection Less Awkward?
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