After women treat you like this, why do they think they deserve respect?

I want to start out by saying that I know that guys are disrespectful to girls that don't look that good but you never see a guy slap a girl if she pays him a compliment. You'll understand when you read below.

I notice that my friends get treated like kings when we go out to places. Girls will come up out of nowhere and talk to them, they get phone numbers all the time without asking. If we go out for a night on the town it's no problem for them to bring a girl back to their place or whatever.

I on the other hand am not as good looking as they are. I'm always polite, I'll open the door for a girl or ask women if they are carrying a lot of stuff if they need help. But the reaction is completely different. All of our personalities are close to the same. I always look at people in their eye when I talk to them, I can reason out anything with the best of them, but am still treated poorly by women.

I was talking to this girl one time. I thought we were hitting if off. She seemed really nice and funny. After about 4 strait hours of talking to her I told her she had nice hair. She slapped me harder than anyone has ever hit me in my life

I met a friend's girlfriend the other day. He introduced her to 2 of my other friends first. She shook their hands talk to them. When he introduced me to her she wouldn't shake my hand and ignored me.

I tried to help a woman that dropped something at the store one time. She sprayed me with mace. Caught me off guard, I ran to the bathroom never got the chance to ask her why.

I went on a date with a girl I met at church, and when I stood up I passed out. I have a blood sugar problem. When I came to she had left me there. I had to walk 7 miles home, feeling sick.

Today I had a girl tell me that I was not good looking enough to be nice to her.

I don't understand why women around 26-31 act this way. When I ask them what the problem is all they do is twist what I ask them into me generalizing about all women. They never answer my question. What is their problem? I don't understand why I have to respect them for who they are anymore. Why do they think they deserve respect when they won't treat me with any?
After women treat you like this, why do they think they deserve respect?
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