Do guys really like the more reserved and quiet girls?

i know it varies. some guys like the shy and innocent girls, some prefer the loud outgoing girls. but then you have the quiet girls who aren't shy, they're just quiet. they're more into their own little world and are independent.

it seems like I get more male attention now that I became less of a pushover. I'm still extremely quiet and introverted but I can do things for myself now. I'm pretty smart in my classes and always do things for myself. I rarely ask for help. outside of class I'm always alone, and I do lots of things by myself.

im a friendly person, but I'm not much of a talker, yet people still want to talk to me. before, people would give up talking to me because I'm so quiet. now, some people don't give up. its very nice of them to be patient actually. its kind of nice. :D there's even a guy in class who always makes an effort to talk to me, even though I don't talk much. and its not like I mean to be so cold but my social anxiety doesn't let me talk any more. I don't want to bore people.

so idk, do guys really like the quiet mysterious girls? wouldn't they just give up as they saw how quiet I am?
Do guys really like the more reserved and quiet girls?
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