I like him, He likes me...but nothing is happening between us?

The coworker that I liked for months finally confessed to me that he liked me back. I no longer have a boyfriend (though we recently broke up) and he knows I like him and wants to be with him. He said that his feelings weren't the same as they were when he started liking me but he didn't say he didn't have any feelings left. He said he cared about me and wanted to see me happy. The reason why he didn't confess sooner was because I was with my boyfriend and his feelings faded a bit, so since it was his last day at work, he wanted to tell me since he had recently found out that I liked him.

I'm single, he's single...he confessed, I confessed. His feelings aren't really the same but they could come back right? I really don't know. If I wasn't with my boyfriend, things would have been different back then but now that factor is out of my life (other reasons of course, not just because of this dude). He still wants to hang out even though he knows I'm like head over heels for him...

Could his feelings really fade that fast? Is he waiting until the right time to ask me out? I really don't know what the deal is..
+1 y
He asked me out to hang out :) or to go on a date as some would say, hopefully it goes well. Wish me luck <3
+1 y
There are plans for our relationship in the future so hopefully we grow from there. Only thing is he doesn't know I'm waiting for him.
I like him, He likes me...but nothing is happening between us?
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