Dear Men and Woman of GAG


I'm writing this because I want to address something, something that I've experienced on here and I'm sure other people have too. That something is....people assuming that everyone who writes a question or take has some sort of hidden agenda. People like to read more into what a person writes then need be, they like to read a couple lines and phrases and make assumptions about that persons character and why they wrote it. I see this a lot and I've experience it a lot. That's why I'm writing this letter to the users of GAG.

I a recently wrote a couple things and I feel people took them opposite of what they were, opposite of the point I was trying to make.

When I asked my question about opposites attracting, people thought I was offended by things or that I was ignorant, when that's not the case. I just don't see relationships in the same light most people do, it's just that simple. So, when I ask a question it's just me either A) trying to understand things better or B) trying to get people to understand that love isn't as simple and planned out as they seem to think it is. You can have things in common but you really have to be the Yin to the other persons Yang. Balancing each other out is the key (one of the keys, at least in my opinion) and that's all I want people to understand.

When I wrote my take about a man making a woman feel safe, people took that way wrong. They said a woman should protect herself and I was called a feminist but, my take wasn't even about physical safety it was about more then that. I wanted people to understand that someone being tall, shouldn't automatically make you feel safe. Safety is more then the physical, it's the mental and emotional. Feeling safe with someone mentally and emotionally, would have nothing to do with their looks and everything to do with who they are. Just something about them that makes you feel safe in the ways you don't with other people, that's what I was trying to point out but not everyone got that.

WhenI asked if the Black Lives Matter group was like the KKK, people took that the wrong way too. Honestly, that question just literally popped in my head and so I decided to ask it. It wasn't an assumption or something that I believe, it was just a simple question from curious a person. It wasn't more complex then that.

The reason I mention those things, is because I want people to understand that for all the ones that have an agenda, there are all the ones that don't.

Sometimes a MyTake, is simply a person giving there perspective on something. Either based on observation, something they feel passionate about or something they wanted to give their opinion on.

Sometimes a question, is simply a question. Either out of curiousity or confusion, nothing more nothing less.

Not every thing asked or written on here is out of ignorance or hate for the other gender. Not everything asked or written is out of someone being offended or angry. How you read something, isn't necessarily how it is. The vibe or mood you feel from the person based on their words, isn't necessarily the mood they were in.

So, the next time you read something on here don't assume you know how the person was feeling when they wrote it. Don't assume you know what their character is and what kind of person they are based off of one thing of their's that you read. Don't assume they wrote it with some kind of agenda. If you have any questions or you want to understand where they are coming from better, just ask but please don't assume and then write that assumption in your opinion.

Most people won't care what you say to them but, for people like me with confidence issues it can make things that much worse. So, be mindful of that too.

I appreciate your time, thank you for reading

Sincerly, loveisbeautiful

Dear Men and Woman of GAG

Dear Men and Woman of GAG
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