7 Reasons Why Having The Ability To Change Our Usernames Is More Superior Than Mention Feature

7 Reasons Why Having The Ability To Change Our Usernames Is More Superior Than Mention Feature.

Since mention feature added,we are not able to change our usernames anymore. But I believe this could be fixed by sacrificing mention feature. Here below I explain why this sacrifice will not be a major one,but just a minimum one,and having the ability to change your username is definitely more important.

1) GAG Used To Function Without This Feature For 7 Years.

This pretty much says it all. It was only added 1 year and a few months ago (correct me if i'm wrong,don't recall exact date). And since GAG could survive without mention feature all these years,it's pretty much clear it's not that important.

2) Since When This Feature Started To Exist “Tagging Questions” Have Been Increased.

Got to admit i have asked similar questions many times as well. But there are many users who get bored with them. So for them sacrificing mention feature would be a relief.

3) We Can Still Respond To Other People’s Comments Who Are Not Opinion Owners Without This Feature.

Exactly. We can simply send them a PM and tell them something like "I responded to a comment you left on (enter username here) opinion here in this question (enter link here)". So technically this works as a notification.

4) When We Created This Account We Didn’t Know Wether We Will Stay In GAG Or Not.

Many of us,including myself,joined GAG either in order to just ask a question or in order to respond to a question we found via some search engine. We didn't know that we will stay in GAG for a longer time,so we didn't think much about our usernames and we chose as a username whatever we had in our minds the moment we were creating this account. Why suffer the same name then?

5) Many People Get Bored Seeing The Same Username For Years.

Even if you liked the name you chose the moment you registered here,it doesn't mean you would like having the same name forever. One day you might get bored being called (enter username here) and you would like to change it after some point.

6) Many People Wouldn’t Start A New Account Just For Changing Their Usernames.

Imagine someone having an Uber-moderator status,an Editor status,being a Master and having a fairly high MHO percentage. I doubt he/she would throw everything away just in order to change his/her username if he/she gets bored with it.

7) Most Online Communities Allow You To Change Your Username At Least Once

So why not in GAG as well? It's a little bit unfair don't you think so?

These are the reasons why i strongly support having the ability to change your username,even if you have to sacrifice Mention feature.


Most Helpful Girl

  • GAG still functions withiut the ability to change usernames. Only very few makes such a big deal out of usernames.

    Seriously. The mention feature is so much more beneficial for GAG than the ability to change your fucking username. It's a username, for fuck's sake. It's not your genitals.

    • Maybe. But it was never revealed if the original Klatuu had genitals.

Most Helpful Guy

  • ""1) GAG Used To Function Without This Feature For 7 Years.""

    Yes, and it sucked. That's why people demanded it, that's why people finally got it, and that's why it's still used by many to this day.

    ""2) Since When This Feature Started To Exist “Tagging Questions” Have Been Increased.""

    Yes, and it most likely exists because to a certain level, there is a demand for it.

    ""3) We Can Still Respond To Other People’s Comments Who Are Not Opinion Owners Without This Feature.""

    Not if they have their PMs set to followers only, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't care about your reply. And honestly, from a user experience standpoint, having to direct message someone is a pain in comparison to just typing @Mesonfielde

    ""4) When We Created This Account We Didn’t Know Wether We Will Stay In GAG Or Not.""

    And that's why you choose cool names no matter where you go.

    ""5) Many People Get Bored Seeing The Same Username For Years.""

    People typically have the same name in real life for far more years than they do hang out on GAG, yet they don't want to change it. Why? It's part of their identity, and that's how it is on GAG as well.

    ""6) Many People Wouldn’t Start A New Account Just For Changing Their Usernames.""

    Then don't start a new account for changing their username.

    ""7) Most Online Communities Allow You To Change Your Username At Least Once""

    Because you are known by your username. It takes quite some paperwork to get your name changed in real life too, it's not that surprising that it takes effort to change your registration details anywhere else.

    Anyways, as such, mentions are an important element of GAG. I'd rather try to get something productive done, like the ability to edit posts while retaining the previous versions akin to Stack Overflow; not just ripping essential parts out for no real good reason.

    • #3 then whoever has his/her PMs open...
      #4 when u signed up did u know u'd stay in GAG for longer? personally not... so i didn't put much thought on it...
      #5 there r MANY people who wanna change their real-life name as well...
      #7 i already made up my mind... i'll go anon from now on so i won't suffer my fuckin username anymore...

    • It's not that bad, you are seen as THE klaatu, after all

    • i give up... there's no point... anyway i already made up my mind... and it sucks i cannot turn mytake being posted anonymously... nm it's da last mytake/question i post wid my name... from now on anon ONLY... ;)

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What Girls Said 7

  • klaatuu just because you want to change your username doesn't mean everyone wants to change it, just make another account and start over, and problem solved :P

  • I would think one way they could make it so if people wanted to they could change their username. Like you would have to redeem so many exp points to change your username if you wanted.

  • I do t agree, I think the mention feature is far more useful. As to the mention clashing with the change of name, well that is simple. It doesn't have to be an issue, I assume a mention just adds a hyperlink to the profile, so seeing as hyperlinks can be shown as any word and still direct you to the same place I don't see that as a valid excuse. Unless I'm drastically over simplifying the action.

    If you want a new username, just start a new account! If you're a mod then I'm sure you can reapply, you're the same person and that can be checked. Doesn't seem to take much to be an editor so that could easily be gained again. I think some people are too attached to they rank and don't want to give it up, at the end of the day its just a number next to your name... anyone can achieve it given time.

  • The mention feature could easily be fixed to work with name changes, the programmers just can't figure out how.

    It's a shame, because I could probably whip that up within an hour.

    • really? guess u should offer 'em a hand... :D

    • Well if you think about it, if they have a *proper* database with GUIDs or numeric IDs instead of using the name itself as a primary key (that would just be sad!), if they need to migrate mentions from one name to another, then when you save a post, it scans for @Kirah in its content, and turns that into a hyperlink to https://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/kirah and I think that hyperlink is most likely stored down as text on saving; which means that changing the name of someone would require retroactively changing the content of every post that contains their name as a mention, and that's just blah. Although that assumes the hyperlink is not dynamically created from the mention, in which case you'd still you have to change the post content to point from @Kirah to @Kirah2, and I think that's what would complicate things a lot.

      I could be wrong, I've never seen their architecture.

  • If you want to change your name quit & start over. lol hahahahaaha

    • not a solution...

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    • @Red_Arrow My mistake I miss read your response. lmao hahahaah

  • I really wanna change my username too 😞

  • I wish they would because i really need to change my name D:


What Guys Said 16

  • Here's my take on it.

    As previously mentioned in some past post which got a little uhh heated... I am against getting rid of the mention feature for the ability to change the username. If we look at the community on a whole, the mention feature is used a lot and has a very prominent spot on GAG.

    However, I'm not totally opposed to changing your username there was a way to not get rid of the additional features. I'm sure it would be extremely confusing for some time after, but I can see 4, 5, 6 having some credibility to your argument. Maybe if you paid an xper amount or something like that to change your name and you had a limited amount of times you could do it (like once per year or whatever).
    Problem I can see with it would be the past mentions and how they link to your profile. That and the confusion it would stir up. I don't know, maybe if the old username would show for a certain amount of time on your new username profile, that would help deal with some of the confusion?

    Since the mention feature is a critical part of GAG and really seperates it from things like Yahoo Answers, I would say that getting rid of it is very bad. However, changing usernames (alone) as an additional feature could be potentially a good idea.

  • 1. GaG is still working without even need for changing username.
    2. N/A
    3. That's so much workload and some people like me hesitate in sending PMs and others don't like receiving any and then there are private profiles too.
    4. You pay for what you did? How could it hurt you anyway and they have a short message "be creative" before you sign up to let you know.
    5. Actually, people will start getting confused if a lot of users changed their username and harassment will also increase. Number of impostors will increase.
    6. N/A
    7. GAG used to allow this too but they abolished the system not just because of mentioning system but because of what I explained in point number 5. There was a time when you could change your username and @mention people too.

    • Without @mention, it'll be so hard to use this site and to communicate.

      I'm 100% sure that they'll never remove this feature.

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    • There's no correlation to your skin color and the way you spell dude... I seriously don't know how to talk to you. You must not be from earth. Gag is so going down...

      I like reggae and some non-women-dehumanizing rap. Yet I still can type like a normal human being aged older than 5... Instead of trying to be black...

    • ah leave it... nm... i just made up my mind about it... let's not discuss it any further... ;)

  • #1) Does anyone remember when this happened? I actually think the @ mention has been here a lot longer.
    #2) True. And this is the one thing I do not like about it.
    #3) Not true! Besides the fact that replying is so easy now with the user name tagged automatically, just having to send a PM to notify someone that you already commented would be a pain compared to the fact that you don't need to now. But the biggest problem is that many people do not allow PMs except from people they know. Try to change that and you really screw things up, so you will not be able to let people know that you have commented. Bad choice.
    #4) Most of us created a name we would recognize and really don't care if others get all hot and bothered by it. It is just a name.
    #5) The name I have in real life was not even one I chose, and I have it for life. the one you have on here is one you were able to choose and that you (hopefully) gave some thought to. So I don't see getting bored with it as realistic or as a problem.
    #6) Editor is easy to gain in just two quick myTakes. No big deal there. The rest, you are right. Most people would not throw that away, because it would not be sensible to do that over a name they chose. Yet, here you are.
    #7) Unfair? No. You are given the opportunity to choose your own name. That is fair. No need to allow changes to be fair.

    You are respected on here and people actually look for your opinions and comments. So I am not disparaging you at all. But on this, we obviously disagree. The mention feature is way too important to mess with, and even if the mention existed at the same time as allowing name changes in the past, it does not mean that current software would be compatible with that. And whether or not it is possible (without sacrificing other important things) I disagree with your belief that the ability to change your (chosen) name is more important that the mention feature.

    • #3) then i won't send em PM... if they notice fine... otherwise it's their prob not mine... ;)
      #4) how many times do i have to say people change through da years?
      #5) i didn't... did i know dat i'd stay here for longer when i signed up? no!! so i didn't gave some thought on it... i just had dis fuckin character on ma mind atm... and i chose his name... :|
      #6) WOT? i have 19 takes and i'm not an editor yet... wot da fuck i'm doin wrong then?
      #7) when i chose dis name i was 21.5... now i'll be 24 next month... i'm not much da same person since... so y should i tolerate my fuckin username?

      "The mention feature is way too important to mess with, and even if the mention existed at the same time as allowing name changes in the past, it does not mean that current software would be compatible with that. "

      ^so i should be prayin for another software then i guess...

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    • "And regardless of how you feel about your user name, it is associated with you and you are so well known by it. It really helps you."

      "Unfortunately, I think they go more by popularity, which is usually a measure of the author's popularity rather than the myTake itself, than the quality of the myTake."

      ^if it really helped i'd be an editor by now... i've got 19 takes...13 among 'em wen promoted.. and 3 among 'em went featured...

      "I think if you find a couple of things that are important to you, write about them in a convincing manner, and go back over to check spelling, word usage, etc., you will find yourself becoming an Editor quickly."

      ^my spellin's dictionary spellin on MyTakes... so wot da fuck i'm doin wrong... i don't understand... unless they don't want me as an editor... :|

    • Well, I can't answer that then. You seem to have fulfilled all the requirements.

  • What I don't get is: Why is it that Twitter allows you to change your user name AND it still have the "mention" feature?

    Maybe GAG needs to figure this out. There is a way for both to mutually exist.

  • I think the stopping name changes thing happened much after when mentions were created. I do think both can easily exist. I like JustinCaseUDontKnow idea about paying a monetary fee. I think something like spending 5,000 exp for a name change would be a nice feature too. They probably stopped because the owner didn't want to spend admin labor time doing it. That's my guess. I don't want to change my name by the way. I can understand some high level exp users would want to.

  • Yes, i highly agree that we should be allowed to change our Username
    once every 60 days or why not let me pay to change my username
    yes most sites do allow us to change our username i can't see why
    they don't allow cause i really don't like mine but i have came so far
    thank you very well MyTake

    • u r welcome... :)

      "why not let me pay to change my username"

      ^payin wouldn't be a bad idea actually... ;)

    • Thank you and your welcome :) :D

  • lol you again.

    • I agree with you @Klaatu51

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    • You make my day with all these interesting posts.

    • u'll see me as anon from now on... guess u can figure out who i'd be... i won't change my questions-style..

  • Nah, I prefer the mention feature. If you're unsatisfied with your name, just restart your account.

  • You can ask an admin to change it. I've seen it happen before, but they might only do it in certain cases.

  • General comment I was wondering about the anon soup question because I thought that was you , got a bit confused and I just went to your profile and sa

    • Hit submit too early :- * saw no questions , going anon explains it.
      (1) Wasn't here , can't say
      (2) They are not worst thing in the world, the kids having fun
      (3) Tagging is needed for open multi user discussion on threads.
      (4) + (5) Honestly just put it down to "C'mon suck it up" - There are some days I don't like a big 46 emblazoned beside my name but I live with it.
      (6) You are right - A lot of people would lose a lot starting again
      (7) @mesonfielde nailed it earlier on when he said we we used a numerical code as the unique id then all your usernames will be linked to that id so any tag of any of your usernames can pull up your unique id so in theory both tagging and changing username can live side by side.
      As it stands getting rid of tagging would upset a lot of people and possibly lose us members, @missnowhere nearly had a coronary last time you mentioned taking it away.

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    • "But @Klaatu51 is right. @MissNowhere you need to chill out (this is coming from someone who's stressed most of the time). You lash out at us for some of the most trivial arguments.

      Also @Klaatu51 is cool man. I enjoy his presence in this community. Honestly, his humor usually just makes my day and gets my mind off of whatever I am stressing over."

      ^red anonymous u'll see me anon from now on... and i'd disavow dis mytake since it's been written wid my fuckin username... but i won't do it since i wanna become an editor...

      otherwise who cares? i'd do it...

    • @cinderelli & @missnowhere why are you getting so irate about Klaatu getting annoyed? I for one think he would makes a welcome change as a mod since most of them are middle america teens with no real life experience and a hunger to be popular. Klaatu is one of the most real people here, sure he's odd but Christ - thank fuck he is because normal people are dull as fuck. You're making as much noise as he is about this, while complaining about useless noise being made by Klaatu.

  • Why don't they just put it so you can change you username using xper points or whatever they are called

  • Comparing apples to oranges mate. Like you said, it's a feature.
    Adding name changes requires a lot more workvand manageability from a networking standpoint.

  • Klaatu, you have made multiple myTakes, you have asked questions,


  • People will abuse this to talk shit and start over with a new name.

    • shitty posts will be deleted anyway... so... ;)

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    • I mean, had I knownknown, I was going to spend so much time here, then I'd probably chosen a better name but why should I be able to change it? I don't see an important reason for that.

    • " I was going to spend so much time here, then I'd probably chosen a better name but why should I be able to change it? "

      ^dat's wot i thought as well... when i signed up i didn't know...

  • Yeah I want my name from my previous account 😣 Also this mention feature can be fixed.

  • because gag wants to keep at tag on us.