Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

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🎉Happy Holidays GAGers! 🎉

In celebration of the Holidays, here is a gift from GirlsAskGuys to you: 100 Xper points! 🎁

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And we have a Holiday Contest 🎅

We want you to come up with your funniest, most creative lines to caption the picture below!

What do you think this man is thinking about?

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

Awards for the Winners! 🏆

The funniest joke or caption by one girl and one guy will be awarded a $75 Amazon gift card each!

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

We will also award prizes to eight runner ups. Two guys and two girls will win a G@G T-shirt and two guys and two girls will each win 500 Xper points!

How to participate?📝

Simply think of your most creative line for the thought bubble and share it in your opinion below!
Don't forget to up vote the ones you like! :)

Good Luck and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!
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  • EmpatheticLady
    "Who are you?"
    Is this still revelant?

What Girls & Guys Said

  • CHARismatic110
    "Hurry up and fall asleep Ethel, you old hag. My viagra is kicking in. Louise from down the street just got a new hip and I can't wait to break it in!"
  • lumos
    "I'm so glad that tomorrow, she won't even remember that I forgot to buy her a Christmas gift"
    • Octavius

      Wow I think yours was more depressing than mine...

    • lumos

      @Octavius morbid humor is the best :D

  • mooky06
    "Mayvis you silly sausage, I asked for cookies not oranges"
    "Don't you be throwing the word sausage around me, Rupert, there are bigger sausages in the fridge then yours"
  • OlderAndWiser
    I wonder if she thinks my penis is too small!
  • Aarron
    badly done, but what else can you do when you only have paint and your Photoshop trial runs out.
  • MissPoirot
    " Who is this woman and WHY is she eating cookies on my couch? ... Ah, what the hell! A WOMAN on my couch... Let's get this party started!"
  • Realfire22
    Man: "I wonder if she knows about my 24 bag of weed I hid between the mattress this morning.." *fake smiles towards wife*

    Woman: "I wonder if he knows I found his weed and baked it into my desserts..." *fakes smiles back*

    Cat: "I wonder if they know I sold the dog on Craig's List..." 👀
  • DodgersGM
    Rupert to his wife Edna: "Edna, why are we dressed for a birthday party during Christmas? None of this makes sense!"

    Edna: Well, you're in a SOUR mood, ORANGE you? We already talked about this. Birthday celebrations are just more APEELING!

  • apple24
    Why does this always happen to me?
    I just got to look like I care and like I am having a good time. Don’t forget to smile! Slowly when she not looking place the cat on my side of the couch and avoid eye contact!! (AT ALL COST AVOID EYE CONTACT!!) And then, silently in some sort of way I have to slide myself off the couch and as invisible as I can walk the hell out!
    Internet dating it doesn’t work for everyone!
    • hehe

    • vekin

      A bit too long but much funnier then all others

    • apple24

      @vekin Thanks I feel like I failed big time! haha!

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  • broadsword
    I know I asked for a little pussy for Christmas but this is ridiculous.
  • KDA20
    "Gosh I wonder if she likes me - I must make an excuse to slip off to post a question on GaG about the situation"
    • SilenRose

      Omg, so true! Lol

    • blondfrog

      looks like your gonna win this you have the most upvotes.

    • KDA20

      @blondfrog I am okay I only entered for fun - I won the first competition, I don't need any prize.

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  • BeeNee
    I just silent farted, and I'm totally going to blame it on the cat.
  • ElissaDido
    " I wonder if she'll get offended once she finds out I got her a free makeover gift-card".
  • MissNowhere
    "I have something even juicier in store for you after you're done with that orange... 😏"
  • AleDeEurope
    "And they said GAG relationships didn't work..."
    "Nothing honey... merry Christmas."
  • What ridiculous gift is my mother in law going to get me this year? Las year it was that horrible cow udder warmer, this year it will probably be a two foot meat log from Hickory Farms.
  • kxera
    "That orange won't be the only thing she's peeling tonight..."
  • mr90skid
    "Damn Alzheimers!! Maybe if I blow hard enough she'll remember how to..."
  • AnOrdinaryGirl45
    "Oh God, what is she feeding me again?*
    *stomach grumbles*
  • ninetynine
    She thinking what I’m thinking? She totally is… Look at those eyes, man! She wants you. She wants some excitement. You don't need GAG to tell you that. Time to take the party to the bedroom?

    Because, you know, that’s where I keep all the board games. What's a party without Scrabble and snacks?
  • DanteSparda
    Grandpa : "Damn!!! My Netflix is taking forever to load, what do you want to do in the meantime? 😉"

    *granny starts eating orange"

    Grandpa : *forever alone 😭*
  • c0stell0
    remember when getting some pussy between us meant something else?
  • Izzbang
    I'm just a lonely zombie... I'm just a lonely zombie on this couch and you... You look like a zombie too

    Will you be my lovely zombie... Will be my lovely zombie and we'll eat this cat... I bet it has a tasty brain... brains

    I really want to eat it's brainz
  • Watermelonoma
    "Damn, @xHoneyxBeex has aged well. I wonder if she'll feature my latest penis size question."
  • LittleSally
    "When I stopped needing the razors she started to... Ad least there'll be some crumbs left in her beard."
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    "Joanne, why the fuck did you get me these slippers? The goddamn cat is going to eat my feet!"

    "You'll kill the cat if he goes near your smelly feet, John!"
  • Starfishlover
    "If she likes citrus fuits, I wonder if she would go for a lemon party"
    • KDA20

      Starfishlover after a google you are naughty and funny!

    • Hahaha what do you mean

  • SilenRose
    It's times like this I realize how lucky I am to be married to this beautiful wom-... Wait a minute. This isn't my wife! Okay calm down. Just stay calm and move slowly to the door... Crap! I can't move! She must have drugged the tea! No wonder why she's eating a tangerine even though she made popcorn, cake, and tea. Why is this happening to me?
    What do you say we make this a Not-so-Silent Night?
    • vekin

      One of the fews funny ones

  • Mustachekitteh
    *In a really old persons voice* "What day was it again? I think it had something to do with that hat."
  • blondfrog
    I never win these cause these are all based off popularity the person who gets upvoted most wins even if it was good a lot of people will downvote you just cause they don't like you.
    Cat lady: so Dr. Seuss I didn't know Garfield was your pet. You don't plan on feeding it green tea for its birthday do you?
    Dr. Seuss: No don't be silly have no worries I would not feed it green tea I don't want it to turn into the Grinch like Sam I am eating the green eggs and ham.
  • CourtJester
    *blows party blowout

    "Yerrp, that's the only thing getting blown this year. And what's up with this ginger cat? It's the only pussy I've seen in years... and no, honey, I don't want another piece of orange!"
  • BelleGirl21
    Time for the annual sex in slippers and tinsel tradition... now how to get rid of this cat...
  • TadCurious
    "Baby's lookin' good and I've got one Viagra left."
  • Maxemeister
    "Why is the name girlsaskguys floating above my head? Am I an angel?"
  • kerouac5
    Guy- "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"
    Girl- "I've been asking myself that same question for fifty years!"
    • kerouac5

      (Inspired by my 90-year-old neighbor's.)

  • martyfellow
    It‘'s Christmas1974.。。remember? it's Christmas 1977.. remember? iOh, sorry, that was Jane..~~~better not think about Jane, Christmas 1972.。
  • DocRim
    "I can't wait to have grand kids that way she gets too busy knitting them those animal socks instead of knitting them to me".
  • Twix005
    Grandpa: *Farts loudly*

    Cat: O. O

    Grandma: *Drops orange slice*

    Grandpa: Oh dear god... not again.
  • JSmuve
    Hey... wait a minute... why does this noise maker taste like poop? She didn't do what I like she did, did she? Why is she looking at me like that? Wait, she did! She totally did! Crazy bitch, I'm sooooo gonna get you back!
    • JSmuve

      ughhh that should've been "She didn't do what I [think] she did"

      This doesn't disqualify me, does it?

  • ImagineRelease
    Hold on, there, Gladys, I know you want what's in these pants, but like everything else in the "Information age" it's buffering.
  • LokiOfEngland
    I hope that cat isn't the only pussy I get his Christmas!
  • WOrtiz13
    She's giving me that look again😳
    But why?
    I got her her favorite food...
    I got those slippers she wanted...
    I've been so good to her all day.

    Oh well. I wonder what's for dinner?
  • RainbowFanGirl
    "I got a juicy present for ya, Gramps." *Slurps on orange*

    "Bah, humbug. What is our sex life?"

    Cat: "Kill me now please."
    • takumii

      Bah. Humbug.

      A Christmas Carol still stuck around your head.
      Wow, I thought it was only me ^^

    • @takumii lol yeah.

  • EmiliaRose2355
    She keeps asking me what I want for Christmas every year.

    So, here's me sucking this candy cane, SUBTLY hinting at what I'd REALLY like this Christmas. As I do every year...

    But she's far too occupied sucking on orange segments, as usual. The sour old prune.
  • xXiTacoXx
    "35 years later and I still haven't gotten that younger wife for Christmas from Santa."
  • Dawsonwc
    Maybe if I maintain eye contact I can change the channel and blame it on the cat.
  • SoWhAt249
    The only reason I'd ever get a sex change operation is to see what it's like to be right all the time.
  • ilovesexyfeet
    Should I ask her out.

    I've known this girl for 74 years, we live together and have 5 kids and a cat! Should I ask her out?
  • queenmariereigns
    I believe the kids call it Snapchat not Snack chat but oh well, I hope she does not realize that I replaced the cat today after it died from eating one of those snacks.