Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

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🎉Happy Holidays GAGers! 🎉

In celebration of the Holidays, here is a gift from GirlsAskGuys to you: 100 Xper points! 🎁

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And we have a Holiday Contest 🎅

We want you to come up with your funniest, most creative lines to caption the picture below!

What do you think this man is thinking about?

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

Awards for the Winners! 🏆

The funniest joke or caption by one girl and one guy will be awarded a $75 Amazon gift card each!

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!

We will also award prizes to eight runner ups. Two guys and two girls will win a G@G T-shirt and two guys and two girls will each win 500 Xper points!

How to participate?📝

Simply think of your most creative line for the thought bubble and share it in your opinion below!
Don't forget to up vote the ones you like! :)

Good Luck and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Holiday Contest! Caption this Picture with your Funniest Line!
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  • EmpatheticLady
    "Who are you?"
    Is this still revelant?

What Girls & Guys Said

  • ThisDudeHere
    "Hey um... are we gonna have a... merry... Christmas this year at least?"
  • Zombie-Killa
    Christmas sure has changed a lot since they invented electricity.
  • steveguitar
    The hardest part of being a kid at Christmas: going to sit on Santa's lap and trying to smile as you realize that Santa's lap is warmer than the sun.
  • takumii
    Grandpa Thought bubble :: "Why am I getting dirty thoughts seeing my wife sucking on oranges.. Oh boy, my hand is already on my crotch. Hmm, I want some pussy... uh.. not you snowball."
  • kovalinkie19
    All those years ago that I wished for two pussies for Christmas, and now I finally got them... Santa's a crafty one.
  • fondue
    "Who is this lady and how did she get in my house? Present from the cat?
    Well, happy Christmas to you too then."
  • 4everconfused
    Maybe if I blow on this thing hard enough, she'll choke on her cookie and I can finally get the remote back from the cat.
  • karahiri
    ... Don't look at me like that. I'm kissing the cat at midnight.

    [look at how scared the cat looks]
  • DivaMonae
    It's New Years now but guess what I got for Christmas? Let's just say "Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!" Merry Christmas to me! 😉
  • Paris13
    Wife" "You're an old fool this year, dear, and an even Older bigger fool Next year... If you don't blow yourself to death before midnight."
  • bryon
    The old man is thinking If you take the tinsel off that lamp and dance for me , I'll blow this party favor for you.
  • PurpleT
    All she does is eat. I hope she will share some of that food with me later. After all, there's still the Christmas gift she gives me every year - her bridgework. 😊
  • OMGirl
    It's been four years she baked those biscuits and fed that kitty. Now he is still traumatized. Now I can see her slowly looking like ET with each bite. One down three more to go! The wait continues...
  • kat_gran
    "Mmmm... With all those cookies she is eating, I bet she is happy! I wonder if I am going to get some tonight" - *makes happy, sexy, wondering face* haha :D ^_^
  • Kroakies_krickees
    Ooh! She's giving me the look! Wait, no she's comparing my size to a cheese curl! What is with this Mona Lisa smile thing she's got going on? Am I getting lucky or not?
  • Bandit74
    "I wonder if this old bat would be for a little coitus under the Christmas tree "
  • Shinigami-kun
    I've got to kick the eggnog. This lady I married is starting to look young again.
  • DearGaG
    "Would it be awkward to ask her her name after all these years?"
  • JustAskMe2
    Would she mind if I were to pet her KITTY... Hmmm...
  • vekin
    Hope thay woman won't eat everything herself, that little pig 'knor knor'
    • Jessie1DLM

      Omf you have many downvotes lmao

    • vekin

      @Jessie1DLM yes i notice, is it really that bad?

    • vekin

      @Jessie1DLM I have read all of the comments of the guys and just were nice and all others are really bad

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  • vishna
    "That look? Fluffy, go get the pills! And you don't have to videotape this time."
  • Laura1024
    When did I lose it all? She's got the food. The cat has the remote... All I get is this dumb honking toy.
  • GlassesGirl
    I don't remember what she use to look like but it must have been awfully pretty for me to put up with this bullshit for so long...
  • Dignifire
    "This might be the first year I don't have a new pun about oranges for her. I hope she doesn't notice."
  • mrsingle
    My Viagra just kicked in, going to be the best New Years ever!
  • SweedyPie
    I remember when she was as succulent as the fruit she's holding... Now all I get is prune juice :/ HOW GREAT -_-
  • Lendino
    "I hope she don't eat the ring I put in the orange."
  • vinchente000
    That look in grandmas eyes:
    "This orange slice isn't the only thing i'm nibbling on tonight" ;)
  • Folklore
    "I should probably eat my cake before it dries out."
  • volkermuller55
    "My wife agreed to change positions tonight. She eats and farts and I complain about it."
  • Investigator
    She's gonna have a very "white Christmas" this year.
  • sethosaurus_rex
    Play it cool Jeb, extend the horn erotically to show her you mean business
  • sephylove
    "Put that damn orange in your mouth already, Dorris"
  • Deadpool7699
    Honey, do you still remember what you were doing when Jesus was born?
  • tchmyss
    that´s the youngest thing she has had in her in years, damn i´m old
  • BrianSmith
    Are you planning to share that orange with me? My stomach is kind of empty.
  • Solitude1
    "I thought you said you are allergic to oranges in one of your GAG messages to me last year."
  • annawilliams7198
    I gotta say Irene, 2 person birthday parties just ain't what it used to be. I remembered pole dancers, and a very hot wife by my side throwing money off of 75th story buildings. Oh well another party is 2 blocks down the road. Hosted by Jenna Jamenson. Wonder who that could be.
  • Thongy_B
    I hope she still wants to jingle my balls this holiday season. .. haha I said balls instead of bells. Lol smh I crack my self up.
  • pnwzephyr
    *begins reaching with left hand* "I wonder if she'll let me pet her pussy to get this party started?"
  • BlueAngel0
    Gramps to himself: Hope those viagra cookies kick in soon... I've waited almost a year for my Christmas treat! ;)
  • latika
    Maybe she'll get the hint this year and blows me instead of those stupid cheese puffs she always stuffing in her mouth.
  • ToriaTiger
    I remember when we were young she used to be juicy just like that orange, but now she's more like dried fruit.
  • Lioness
    Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have taken that Viagra without confirming my Ashley Madison date... God I want some cookie!
  • Ihav2fart
    Grandpa: "Who's this lady eating all my darn oranges! ?"
  • Pat8707
    "I still can't figure out if it's her or the cat who keeps shitting on this couch"
  • Mailo
    "Morgan Freeman voice"
    Damn the devil! This been be the loongest regrettable reality show since the WWII.
    • mr90skid

      Lmao! Yo give this man upvotes

  • RicanEyes
    I can't believe I spent all my life and Christmas with this crazy ass women. Darn it I have gas now!
  • micheal727jovanie
    "What is this women and her cat doing in my house? And why are they wearing those ridiculous hats?"
  • Grisbosque
    I hope she isn't getting any romanic ideas.
    the last
  • FatherKnowsBest
    " Is it time to go to bed yet? I've got a REAL treat for you!"
  • Chinchillin
    "Oh god... ok just try and smile, make eye contact... why is she staring at my forehead? Am I sweating? Is there some excess pomeade up there? Ok ok calm down, just try and keep that... what is this weird gagdet in my mouth? Not the time, not the time... just smile... oh fiddlesticks, I forgot to soak my dentures last night! I'll just keep this... thing in my mouth and try to sort of smile...
    Maybe I can sneak away to quickly go on the interwebs and see if anyone has commented on my question on GaG:
    how to have a woman fall for you that just loves her cat more than anything?'"
  • poopedmypantsagain
    The Viagra delivery guy will be here soon.. then we will get figetty
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Should I tell her Cheetos are bad for her cholesterol?
  • DeGryme
    Who is this cutie? *gasp* she's looking!! Act cool, act cool...
  • 1leg1949
    Hey toots, instead of stuffing your mouth with that, how about some action here. I'm horny as hell.
  • Youngm0ney
    I wonder what else she can put in her mouth (; and when's the fun gonna start
  • beautiful_secret_
    "why have you dressed up the lampshade as a x'mas tree, the dog (cat) has a better eyesight than you at least it can change the channels"

    "after the holidays are over please do clean up the house and your beard"

    "why is the cat stealing all the attention in this picture"

    "happy holidays as we didn't die this year either"

    "that cat helped me in choosing that orange as your x'mas gift"

    "i love these romantic eye contacts in which we can't see other and call each other ugly as we are not wearing glasses"

    "happy HOLYdays, we are still alive"

    "where is my x'mas gift, i was a good man this year as i didn't kill this cat''

    "people should get admired by our love story as we did not leave each other's side for one more year"
  • Checkers82
    I hope blowing on this will give her a hint on what gift I want tonight
  • ryanrhino
    This is great! And she's teasing me with those cookies.
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