No more feminism and anti-feminism questions please. Please stop!

No more feminism and anti-feminism questions please. Please stop.

I've seen more than enough hate and obsession coming from both sides. It's getting tiring, and you destroy GAG that way. How many times it's been discussed whether feminism is a good or a bad thing? Millions.

What will you earn by asking again and again? Nothing. You will earn nothing by asking. You will just keep bragging about it (no matter which side you support) and get miserable.

OK about girls,but guys too? How feminism affects you?? And why do you care anyway? As far as I know feminism has to do with women's rights, correct? So why do you care what women do anyway? They can do whatever they want, after all it won't affect me anyway whether they have their rights or not. You just get more miserable by getting involved.

Honestly, I believe admins should make the word "feminism" censored. And topics related with feminism should go deleted automatically.

If you have any complains about feminism or you want to support it keep it for yourselves, Last thing I want to see here is a whole paged filled with the words "feminism" and "anti-feminism". It's really sad seeing young people getting obsessed with such pitiful topics instead of doing something more enjoyable for themselves. Unless you have some kind of fetish discussing those topics. Then OK keep going, but I don't believe such a fetish is common.

Haven't you had enough? It's not funny anymore.


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  • Nice, strip people of their freedom of speech , way to go.

    • Dude, freedom of speech and being obsessed (as it happens with most members) are two different worlds...

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