Stop Abusing The Word Feminism


Stop Abusing The Word Feminism

Feminism is a favorite word of plenty of GaG users. Many I take it, are trolling, but others seem to think that every debate, every reply anyone makes, or every subject has to do with the word Feminism, especially if it is a woman doing the asking or the talking.

I'm all for making a salient argument about something in reference to feminism, but I'd say 90% of the time someone lobs the word Feminism into the air, they do so without any understanding of the meaning of the word or how to apply it to an argument or they definitely don't need to apply it to an argument because they have none on the basis of something being feminism, because it's not. It's the equivalent to the kid using a Thesaurus to try to make him or her sound smarter, but really s/he is just saying words to say them. Understanding the words correct usage and simply saying it to say it, are two very different things.

What do the dictionaries of the world have to say about what Feminism is exactly?

Feminism is a sociopolitical movement with the central goal of ending sexism and dismantling gender-based oppression. It is a definition which implies that all sexist thinking and action is the problem, whether those who perpetuate it are FEMALE OR MALE, child or adult. It is also broad enough to include an understanding of systemic institutionalized sexism. Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

A vast majority of men and women actually believe and put into practice a lot of feminist teaching. If you ask a father if he thinks his daughter, who does the same exact job he does deserves equal pay, and he agrees with that statement, that's feminism at work whether he says the word or not in the same way a woman believing that men should not have to be the sole bread winners for their households simply because they're men, is feminism.

Stop Abusing The Word Feminism

Feminism has nothing to do with whether someone is gay or straight, only men or only women, or who they are or aren't sleeping with, or some concerted effort to be sexist, or the mere fact that the person speaking is a woman. To argue the point of feminism whether for or against, you have to understand the definition in order to grasp intelligently when someone claiming to be a feminist is actually anything but or if the conversation being had is just a conversation and not stressing a point of equality for the sexes or the take down of sexist attitudes and practices, or yes, whether something being said is feminist and why you particularly don't like that.

Simply put, if someone brings up that word, and it comes up quite often, and they can't define it, can't point out where exactly you said something feminist, or you can point out that what they are saying is actually feminist, its either time to try to educate them, assume they are trolling, or simply ignore most of what comes out next. Feel free to argue your point that something is feminist and you dislike equality but be prepared to back it up first and foremost, with your actual understanding of the word Feminism rather than doing what a lot of people do which is simply parrot the word on repeat for every argument and conversation they have with anyone on GaG, particularly if that anyone is a woman.

Stop Abusing The Word Feminism
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  • Hopefuldreamer8
    It's because with a lot of feminists, it has lost all meaning. It used to be a good thing back in the day, but there are certain women who have taken it too far. I don't blame a lot of men for hating feminists. A lot of girls want equality, but they also expect be waited on hand and foot by men. If men don't do that, girls throw temper tantrums and act like all men are assholes. It's irritating how some girls think they are special because they are women, and then a lot of men assume all women are like this when they aren't. Those girls make women and feminism look bad.
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  • BlueCoyote
    Great MyTake. Unfortunately, most of the people on the internet yelling and screaming about feminism have never even cared to open a book written by an actual feminist. Oh god, they'd have to do some real work and read! Oh no, that's a horrible prospect. So they'd rather just babble and repeat some bullshit they've heard on other, non-academic internet sites or youtube videos.
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  • FemaleAssassin
    Well i'm not a feminist cuz i don't believe in equality, women should differentiate between " justice" and "equality", and i also believe in gender roles, like some women nowadays don't want to have kids, betch it's basically what u have been born to do.
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    • Anonymous

      Just for reality sake, not all women should have kids. There are some horrible women (and men) out there, and they know it, and they don't want to spread that to a next generation or screw up some kids lives. A woman is capable of having kids, and a man capable of donating sperm to make that kid, but if that's a definition of being a woman, what about those who can't have kids? She not a woman? A man who can't produce, he not a man?

    • I'm talking about the ones who are capable of it but won't have it by choice.

  • ksoma
    If we call out bullshit that we also call feminism, it might be fair to say "how does feminism support this?"
    But feminism is much more than the textbook definition.
    So, if we can point out published works, feminist websites, "scholars" in gender theory, etc, then it is a legit claim to call it feminist nonsense.

    If a person, man or woman says something, and they are a feminist, they might tie their nonsense into their feminism, but to call it a feminist position is not fair, because one person's weird thoughts do not define the movement.

    But when someone who is a known and respected member of the movement says crazy shit, it is fair for us to say "this is what modern feminism is propagating," unless other feminists take a stand against what was said, and distance the person's comments, from actual institutional feminism.

    So, when people who are big name feminists, like Andrea Dworkin, write books to claim that all forms of heterosexual sex is rape, I say "This is the insanity of modern feminism."

    I don't give a fuck if Dworkin isn't YOUR kind of feminist. I don't care if what she says has nothing to do with the dictionary definition of feminism. All I care about is she is propagating an idea based on her feminism, she is (passed now I believe, so was) a world wide known feminist voice, her work and philosophy were celebrated by the feminist movement, and claims like "every time any man has sex with any women, no matter what consent she THINKS she is giving, it is always rape" are NOT openly and coldly condemned and refuted as being "not feminist" by other feminist "thinkers." That means it is an idea that was born out of feminist world views, put to work by a feminist "thinker," spread and discussed by feminist academics, and published in books feminists read in their pursuit of "knowledge" for the cause they fight for.

    So, when I point to feminist people in feminist groups going to feminist conventions to discuss feminist issues and read feminist books, like Dworkins? And I say that "Modern feminism claims that all hetereosexual sex is always rape," it is fair to say that the word feminist is being abused.

    But is it being abused by me, for pointing out how it fits in with all the other pieces? Or is it being abused by feminists who refuse to call out and condemn the darker aspect of feminist ideology, and who are the ones violating your precious textbook definition?
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    • Anonymous

      Ha, you have to start somewhere with defining the thing, and there it is (please write your local dictionary company if you dislike the meaning they put forth). I don't care if you hate feminism or love it with all your heart... you are exhibiting the point of this all. Rally against it if you want, but back it up with an argument that shows you actually understand why you hate feminism or why something is anti-feminist or why you like feminism. Calling everything and everyone feminist because that's the only word you know or you're trying to get a reaction has no merit behind it. The same could be said if you said, this is racist, but couldn't tell how it was or what racism actually meant. You can't make a point if you don't actually have one which is what a lot of the responses of this or that is feminism are.

    • Anonymous

      to be clear, in case there was confusion... you're making an actual point here.

  • Library
    I will never abuse the word feminism because I know it's intention is to support women and make women equal to men.
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    • Anonymous

      An actual LOL!

  • yellowgirl00d
    Women are equal to men there is no need for feminism anymore we done. The only people who are still feminists are those who can't be anything else it's so pathetic.
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  • AleDeEurope
    Stop being a feminist, and people will stop abusing the word. People are getting tired of all the bullshit feminists throw around. If you wanna stop sexism so bad, why are you sexist yourself?
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    • That doesn't really make sense? Lol

    • @Puppylove94 What didn't?

    • If you stop being a feminist than you stop believing males and females should have equal rights. I do agree that it's been taken to an extreme but it's still okay to be a feminist. Feminazis are what gives feminism a bad name.

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  • Rawrzz
    The irony might be delicious. "Don't misuse the word feminsim. Understand what it is."

    Doesn't understand what feminism is. Procedes to misuse the word feminism by using a simplistic definition.

    "No. Feminism means equality. That's all." What a horrendously superficial understanding you have. Are you truly sure you understand what feminism is? And if it really is just about equality, and to help both males and females, why call yourself a FEMInist instead of an equalist or egalitarian?

    Here are a couple basic tenets of feminism. No matter what form it takes, these remain a constant. Curiously, these beliefs are missing from your bland definition of, "but it are mean equality."

    Men arranged society in a way that benefitted men, at the expense of women.

    Women have been oppressed by men since the dawn of humankind.

    First, if women have been oppressed for millennia, is there any greater evidence for innate female inferiority? Women have had thousands of years to break free from their thousand-year oppressors, but unlike *every single other group of oppressed peoples* women alone have consistently remained incapable of freeing themselves? In a history dotted with the charred ruins of overturned oppressive regimes and spattered with the blood of dictators, it is *women alone* who were perpetually too stupid, weak, and sheepishly unable to free themselves? (Paraphrase Karen Straughan)

    Luckily, *I don't believe women are inferior*, because I'm not a feminist. So why would women willfully remain oppressed, if we agree that it was not due to lack of ability in contrast to male superiority? Why wouldn't they ever revolt in thousands of years? The answer is simple. Because they were content with the state of things. Perhaps something about not having to die, as men did.

    I believe that since the dawn of humanity, there has been one constant truth: men die to protect and provide for women.

    Anyway. Know that you know nothing. Only then will you be capable of learning. Look up the Factual Feminist on youtube. If you truly seek equality, then you will find it. But that means always challenging your belief structure. Good luck.
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    • goddamn right, this is really just a whiny post asking for a safe space... typical feminist entitlement "QUIT CHALLENGING MY IDEAS, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REBUT YOU! QUIT USING FACTS, JUST READ THE DEFINITION AND ALL YOU MEN SHUT UP, LET ONLY WOMEN TALK CUZ... EQUALITY!"

    • @feminismisnarcissism. Tell me how long have women been able to own land? How long have women been able to vote in the United States? When where women allowed to get formal educations, meaning going to universities? I mean if women are on the same equal standing as mean why are female razor more expensive than male razors? Why did woman have to fight, and make a case in order to join the army and defend our country?
      Now does that mean some women don't take it to the extreme, yes. I mean there are men and women that take it to both extreme. Hell I was even thinking about joining the I hate men group after learning about The Red Pill group and the MWTOG group. But I did end up taking to one man from the group and I could understand his point and plus the men in my life have been nothing but a blessing to me so I have no need to hate men. But like those groups females have a group of extremes as well. It's just that that group is just more well known.

    • @davisgirl89 by that logic, we can whine about any historical period that suits us. Just like with the individual-it doesn't matter what you did, or where you were-all that matters is NOW, what you are doing, NOW.

      and right now-women have superior, special status and can sit the fuck down pretending they're still the victims.

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  • Shorty1991
    I'm all for equal rights, but I kind of agree with you that some guys on here are using the word "feminists" out of context. If you disagree with them on a certain subject they call you a feminanzi, or retarded. I get fed up of people using words out of context. Its normally misanthropists and male activists that do this. Really guys, there is such a thing called equal rights. It doesn't make much sense to fight for rights that you already have. Both women and men should be able to speak for themselves and quit making generalizations that all women and men are the same because they are not. Some guys on here actually seem really cool, understanding and easy to talk to. But she the tables are turned the men can be just as bad with bring sexist towards women.
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    • Jeeevan

      If you disagree with a feminist they call you sexist. Feminism IS sexism.

    • Shorty1991

      @Jeeevan and if you disagree with certain men on here that automatically make us sexist. A bit like everything else, it works both ways. If you want feminism to stop. Then stop being sexist towards women. This is exactly what I've just mentioned. Don't be hypocritical.

    • Jeeevan

      We aren't sexist towards women for fuck sake. Am i sexist towards women for being a man? it seems that way.

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  • ISaidFuryNotFurry
    Definitions change though, and what it says in a book or on a site doesn't have to reflect reality. It matters only what the practical use of feminism is. It once meant to elevate women. But what does it mean today, that is the question.

    I don't think feminism is about men, at all. One can say it does, but I don't know how. I need examples, real life examples that work. It has been illegal to pay women less since the 60s, yet people still claim there is a pay gap. Meaning that people don't really know the real world. They believe what they read online reflects the actual world, which it doesn't. If so many people can be so ignorant about something that can be understood within a few minutes, then how wise are they for being a feminist?

    Feminism wouldn't exist in the west if it wasn't for ignorance and myths. We can surely go beyond that. I say that feminism isn't needed in the west any more. And to all feminists, don't you wish there wasn't a need for feminism? Isn't that your end goal?

    You can disagree with me, that is fine. But I rather you have a logical reason to do so.
  • Tanuron
    Jeez, Im sorry though but feminism dont own equality nor is it fair to put people in that category either if they agree with something that supposedly is a feminism ideal. Like hitler seemed to believed in God and was christian , if you believe in God or are christian you are like hitler. "If you agree to equal pay, you are a feminist". Again it dosent own the definition.

    What I also dont understand if the supposed "real" feminist are against sexism, why aren't they fighting the biggest sexist group their is? (feminism). Hell even the definition itself above is slightly sexist "Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex."

    Typically against women? lets not forget the immense irony of "stereotype" which it includes, yet it pulls up "stereotype" right before it does a stereotype. along with implying sexism is more common towards women.

    But I do regardless agree that too many bring up the word feminism where it dosent belong or where it has nothing to do with it. But can hardly blame people either, if you look at all the shitty things so many feminists say and do they kinda just get a little piece of their own medicine. Dosent help the argument, and a bit stupid, but certainly not any weird.
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  • Shpongolia
    Feminists use facts and actual data like a fish uses a bicycle.
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  • vonasaurus
    the thing is, modern-day "feminism" has veered far from its original aim and sought to demonize masculinity. this is where your anita sarkeesians, your social justice warriors who are offended by everything, come from.

    ... i am not a feminist; i am an egalitarian~ we don't cherry-pick, or stomp all over people's rights.

    egalitarian: (adj) asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life.

    i'm sure people will stop abusing the word "feminism" once these idiot propagandists stop abusing it.
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  • RedHood7
    Equalitarian movements only exist because feminism only pushes for benefits for women. It lives off of the erroneous notion that women always get the short stick. They dont. Even in a patriarchal and chauvinistic society, women always got a lot of benefits. Feminism is closer to "I want rights but without the obligations men always face a. k. a. I want privilege" than anything that resembles equality.
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  • CHRIS11796
    Feminism isn't for equality anymore, it's for entitlement feminism is entitlement and they just use the definition to cover up their tracks. Ya feminism is for equality ya that's why i see #kill all men or # men need to be put in concentrated camps. I'm not lying I've seen those posts, a lot of them too.
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  • feminismisnarcissism
    nope. the nazis claimed to be a freedom movement-which makes the whole mytake moot.

    a movement is defined by the behavior-not by a fallacious definition.

    feminism today is a gender SUPERIORITY movement. And those defending it are entitled, spoiled, and ENJOYING that superiority. It can never again claim to be about equality until it addresses the gender disparities IT caused-and all the largest gender disparities in the west today are against men. If feminism WAS about equality-it would be talking about those largest disparities-but since they BENEFIT women, feminism as a whole stays silent on them and continues to encourage such inequalities.

    this whole mytake is wishful thinking. feminism is superiority today. And why wouldn't it be? You can't have an equality movement that only mentions ONE GROUP in its title. Feminism was doomed to be a female superiority movement from day 1.

    people are waking up to this reality and rejecting it for what it is: a NARCISSISM MOVEMENT now. get over it.
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    • so ironic the word "abuse" is in the title here-that's just it. Feminism is a DISEMPOWERING movement to women today: it teaches women are always the victim, that women are abused,... all while feminism abuses men and children. Feminism IS abuse of society. and in teaching women that they are always the victim-it disempowers them. nothing is more disempowering than the label "victim".


    • 70% of domestic violence is perpetuated BY WOMEN
      30% by men

      yet we have 500+ shelters for women
      and 12 for men.

      perfect example of feminist "equality".

    • Red_Arrow

      • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been physically abused by an intimate partner.
      • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men have been severely physically abused by an intimate partner.
      • 1 in 7 women and 1 in 18 men have been stalked. Stalking causes the target to fear she/he or someone close to her/him will be harmed or killed.
      These are from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
      When you know the facts, maybe you will stop spreading lies.

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    Would you like some No True to go with your Scotsman?

    At this point, you need to understand that the meaning of the word has evolved precisely because feminism itself has evolved. While at one point it was about correcting the faults that women faced in society, today it has virtually become an outlet for everything wrong with the world. Comparing the two is like comparing Martin Luther King Jr to Black Lives Matter. The modern iteration has no similarity to its historical counterpart. Feminism today is just about evading personal responsibility, promoting abortion and sexual immorality, the destruction of traditional gender roles, a hatred for men, and for that matter the hatred of any woman who disagrees with them -- especially Pro-Life and religious women.
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    • lol yep. totally one long ass no true scotsman fallacy. good catch

    • john52461

      What's worse is the SJW/feminists who try to silence any opinion that doesn't agree with their own.

  • HappierThanYou
    When 99.9999% of feminists are violently sexist misandrists, quoting the dictionary definition is utterly meaningless. If you call yourself a feminist, i will think you are a sexist fascist. Simple as that.
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  • rose004b
    "A vast majority of men and women actually believe and put into practice a lot of feminist teaching".

    So you do understand that feminism is an IDEOLOGY and not just a word everybody knows the definition of? The definition of feminism has become irrelevant and nobody takes it seriously precisely because of that reason.

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    • exactly-the only thing in feminism that is about equality IS the definition, they are empty words now. "equality" is just a buzzword to feminists and the last thing in their hearts.

    • The words help define that idea. Our lifestyle helps us put that idea into practice. To say what you said because a few people abuse the idea and misuse the word, doesn't make those people right. Ex, not all Christian hate Homosexual, not all Muslims support Isis, not all white men are part of the KKK, and not all BLM people hate whites and want to kill cops. To even think the opposite of these things is simply naive and foolish. Also, to down play the history of a movement and to ignore the true meaning and the evolved ideaology of the movement is completely foolish as well. To say the definition has become irrelevant is an over reach. I mean if that is so than tell me why are we still having this conversation. Why are we still fighting for equal pay? Why is it such a big discussion for paid family leave ( for both men and women) once a woman has given birth to a baby? Ask yourself this. Because once it is mandatory I promise you will be using the benifits the benefits.

    • Or would you rather not use the benefits because you are so against feminism? I mean there is nothing wrong with enjoying things the way they are.

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  • ClassicRocker
    Who needs a definition when there are pictures:
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  • ginny_weasley
    I wish you luck in dealing with the people on this site. They're not going to change their minds and probably cause they're bored waiting for their mom to hurry up with that meatloaf. Earlier today there was a man who wanted to hookup with a coworker even though she repeatedly said no, I told him to back the hell off and he called me a feminist.
    I imagine his logic like this:
    Me: back the hell off she said no
    Him: what is it with this feminist bullshit.
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  • TheFlak38
    Another feminist sugarcoating things.
    There is no such thing as gender equality or equality at any case. Equality is a marxist construct and exists only in your utopian fantasy world.
    The feminist movement has its roots deep into the Frankfurt School and is just one of the many tools the marxists use to bring an end to European civilisation and you can find this hate towards Western White men in any feminist manifesto. With feminism the marxists achieve the dissolution of the traditional nuclear family and low birth rates while at the same time they import millions of non white muslim men who do not care about feminism and women's rights, but for some reason you feminists love these oppressors and haven't made one demonstration against muslim rapists. Instead you complain about sexist air conditioning...

    And in Cologne, after the massive sexual attacks by muslims on women, German feminists handed flowers to their own rapists. Congratulations to your feminist movement. The tip of the spear for the destruction of Europe.

    As for your "education", no thanks. I despise the so called education from Frankfurt School Marxists who poison our societies with degeneration.
    • The Frankfurt School and Marxism are manifestations from "the west" [at least as traditionally understood].

    • TheFlak38

      Just because they were founded in the west it doesn't mean they were created by western people. Marx and Lenin were both Jews and almost all of Soviet Russia's political leaders were Jews. The Russian government admits it since the fall of the USSR. Check out every communist party in Europe. Search in the most common sources. You will find a Jew who founded it. The leading members of the Frankfurt School were predominately Jews. I have posted an article regarding this subject...

    • TheFlak38

      The November revolution in Germany was led by the Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, both communist Jews.
      So from the beginning it is crystal clear that this ideology was created in Europe by foreign invaders with the sole purpose to bring an end to our civilisation since this is the only way they can live hidden among us while continuing to exploit the people by taking key positions in Finance, politics, media and education.

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  • RationalMale
    Give it up.

    I'm sure feminism did at one point basically mean "gender equality."

    Faggot at one point meant a piece of wood you put on a fire.

    Gay once meant happy.

    It doesn't matter what these words originally meant. Because of how things change, how word usage is, these words don't mean what they used to. Feminism now means:
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  • Riggers
    Yeah but... You can't deny most feminists are obese lesbians with red hair and blue sparkly armpit hair who spend all their day calling men misogynistic rapists simply for being within a mile of them.
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  • Gommers
    Your first picture explains the breakdown of the word. Look up the parts and come back with a definition based on the meanings of each part. If you can do that successfully you'll see that the literal definition has nothing to do with anything but women.
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  • AssJacket
    I think for most of the users on GaG, Feminism is very similar to Socialism (one person actually linked the two)... they haven't met one, are ignorant of what it's about, and make judgements based on a kindergarten level understanding of issues related to it. Many head straight to conspiracy theories, which is the last rhetorical refuge of someone that can't support a logical argument.
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  • Thisperson98
    You can say it means one thing all you want, but you can't change how sexist modern day feminism is.
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  • newbie2015
    Please seemy recent my take. Very similar though different presentation. Thats good because some messages are worth phrasing in multiple ways so that others can understand better :)
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  • Tomsta
    I'm all for equal right amoung men and women, but it seems today you're either an extreme feminist or your regular, i haven't seen an 'in the middle' kind of feminist

    All the girls i see saying that they don't need a man in thier life they can take care of themselves is normally followed by something that goes compeltey against the point of feminism
  • aficionado
    If feminism was about equality, it wouldn't have 'femi' in it. Period.

    I'm all for equality, but anti-feminist.
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  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Feminism is a cancer to relationships and has nothing to do with equality. It's depressing to know that there are people in the world who still think that feminism means equality between the sexes.
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  • Nuala
    Finally... someone who actually knows what a feminist is. Maybe know I can say I'm a feminist without a bunch of people jumping me saying I hate men!
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  • bloodmountain1990
    I'm definitely pro equal rights for both men and women. Really the only time I get annoyed with "feminists" is the ones who negate their gender roles but will expect a man to live by his gender roles.
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  • Sublime45
  • YourFutureEx
  • Aaron2401
    Wow, that's a lot of hate in the comments. Just letting you know that I agree with everything you wrote and consider myself a feminist.
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    • in reality you're a simp. prepare for a life of little pussy, lots of exploitation and heartache.

    • Shorty1991

      Hahaha, you being sarcastic?

    • Aaron2401

      No, not being sarcastic. I believe that there is a problem in our society regarding gender equality and that it is our duty to try and fix it. Because that is also the goal of feminism, I am a feminist.

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  • CisScum
    Ah don't even make posts about feminism on this site. When a guy sees feminism on this site they look at radical feminism which makes them think that ALL feminism is like that. W
    • CisScum

      But that's wrong, radical feminism doesn't make up all of feminism, far from the truth actually. Many feminists work out of country to deal with foreign feminist problems. It's an insult to them to hate on feminism because that's how they see themselves. People like to see in black and white, it's stupid.

  • AhGojira
    It's ab expletive like asshole. motherfucker, cocksucker, or fuckface... It doesn't need to comply with normal standards for grammar.
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  • Aldrich_
    Feminism has absolutely nothing to do with men's rights. I'm sick and tired of people thinking it does.
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    • Aldrich_

      Feminism is a synonym for "Women's Rights Movement". Thinking the Women's Rights Movement would help out a man's problem is like thinking an MRA fights for women's rights.

  • Imhotep99
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  • DaddyRollingStone
    Equality doesn't exist, it is a false god. Not even the same man can be equal to himself on some days
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  • SuicidalTeen
    Feminist used to be called that. Now feminazis took the word feminist
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  • Anpu23
    The issue is quite plainly that any definition of feminism that doesn't include patriarchy theory is nothing more than propaganda. If you do not believe that men are privileged and that they have used their privilege to repress women you are not a feminist. As the one is tied to the other it's imperative that you include it within your definition. I have a list of 4 talking points that I have placed on both my Facebook page and my mind page that are egalitarian yet contrary to feminist doctrin. As there is no way to reconcile the two the logical conclusion is propaganda.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I have no particular problem with any movement that pushes for equal rights and entitlements. I try not to get lost in the weeds of a general argument but take things on a case by case basis and give my support to the side I feel is being treated unfairly. I see people take extreme views on all sides and I think none of it helps. If the various movements met in the centre and try to chose a constructive path forward, I would be happier. I have no problem with raising a minimum bar of rights and entitlements for everyone. So as long as any change doesn't impinge on anyone else or perpetuate an existing injustice, I would be fine with that if it does favour one particular group.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    There's no point in making this mytake. They'll never change their minds on this.
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  • YourName123
    men and women are not equal and are not capable of the same things. Chilbirth being the biggest example.

    Feminism is the act of trying to get more advantage for women by demanding the best parts of the typical male roles while retaining the best parts of stereotypical female roles and often even trying to pawn the all negative duties on men

    If feministsreally wanted equality they would be demanding more programs to encourage male nurses and female trash collectors and truck drivers. Not just more female engineers and doctors.

    I never would have formed the habit of taking time to help men in my field advance , and men exclusively if it weren't for my hate of evil, biased sexist, bigoted feminism
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  • Touchmehxx
    Feminism is definitely sexism
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  • Alex88F
    stop abusing the word abuse that much. that's abusing it you know
  • Jeeevan
    Feminism is just sexism in disguise towards men.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    I avoid people who agree with feminism.
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  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    It abuses itsef.
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  • Anonymous
    For me feminist mean equality, the women who want just advantage are not feminist. Just some immature girls
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