Why All These "Types of Guys/Girls to Avoid" Lists are Stupid

Nobody's perfect

Why # type of guy/girls you should avoid lists are stupid

People come up with these lists pretending they are flawless. If someone were to judge them by the same standards they would fall under one of the categories. It’s ridiculous everyone is in one way flawed and has something that they don't what their significant other to know about.

Be realistic, you probably have issues too, why can't your significant other be the same. It’s unfair to say that the person you should date needs to be perfect without judging yourself as well. Whether that's in terms of looks or personality be realistic you’re not perfect either.

Finding a good person to date isn't about finding someone perfect but instead finding someone who is perfect for you

I'm no expert on relationships but people working together in a relationship takes lots of hard work and personalities that work. Even the simplest things can be deal breakers. For instance I love going to the movie theaters, sometimes I'll go 2 or 3 times a week. If someone didn't like going to the movie theater then they wouldn't be a great fit for me. To other people that one thing might be feeling comfortable hanging out with people of a specific race or culture, loving to read books or something else. So to pick out guys or girls in types then saying I need this type of guy or this type of girl and others aren't acceptable is a recipe for disaster.

Being a good person is more important than being rich and successful

If someone is a good person doesn't that count for more than fitting into a certain category? If someone is a good person and genuinely wants what's best for their partner doesn't that count as an important factor?

Most people that seem to have looks, money, personality and everything else one would need to seem ideal make their significant other expendable

The easier it is to get guys or girls to date you the more expendable their boyfriend or girlfriends are. Why would a 30 year old guy settle for a women his age when he could get a younger hotter women in her 20's? Some people don't seem to understand this including men. The hotter people get the less likely they are to give someone a chance as opposed to breaking up with them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree that those lists are bullshit but not on your reasoning. The list is focusing on certain perceived flaws to avoid, but people as personalities are complex and have many aspects. As you said, a certain man might be what a certain woman needs. That means, either she does not mind a certain flaw on her man, or that the 'flawed' man might have other positive traits that surpass that flaw. And you seem to fall into stereotypes, not all rich people are bad, not all poor people are good. And while as a hot person's boyfriend or girlfriend you might feel expendable, the hot person often feels other view him as a conquest or a trophy and while they can find new lovers easily, it's difficult for them to find a long term relationship


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  • All good but the vast majority today are superficial and uncompromising in their standards for a mate even after several failures in relationship.

    For women today: money, looks, social status come before good character, morals and loyalty.

    For men: looks take precedence and personality become secondary.

    In short get ready for a future where we have a lot of fucked up lonely and damaged people from the millennial generation.


    [Notice how a lot of women and men have pets today and treat them like they were their children]
    This mytake is your future


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