How To Farm Xper In GAG: 7 Pieces Of Advice From A Former "Xper Magnet"

Yeah, I admit there was a time in GAG, where I collected almost 20000 Xper in just one week. But the Xper system was different by the time. What surprises me still, is the fact that I wasn’t banned by then!

Many people ask How can I gather Xper quickly. So have a look here:

(In alphabetical order)

1) Always Participate In GAG Contests

How To Farm Xper In GAG: 7 Pieces Of Advice From A Former

Well in contests, you are usually given an Amazon Card if you win the 1st prize, but it doesn’t matter. After all most people here, use their Xper for those cards. Also the 2nd and 3rd prizes are usually extra points. So put some effort, and try to win. You have nothing to lose if you try, and if you lose don’t feel disappointed.

2) Follow As Many People As You Can

Many of them, they will follow you back, which means you will gain an extra point per follower. Still it’s not the best thing to do, but let’s say it’s legal here in GAG. So why not, it’s not the best, yet not a bad way to farm Xper.

3) If you are creative write a MyTake

A MyTake where you have something to say, and ALSO know how to present a MyTake. See this MyTake here for how to present a MyTake in order to make it go Featured. It must be something you have something to say about. If it’s something out of your interest, then it won’t go Featured. Not even Promoted. But if you have something to say, then you will have 200 Xper in your profile at once.

4) If you are good at giving advice go for it

That way, you will build a reputation as a user who gives good advice (if in case you don’t post anonymously) and gather extra points from the MHOs you will get and also from the 250 extra they give each week for the Top 2 from each gender, MHO-wise.

5) If you are not good at giving advice, go for the “Other” or “How Do I Look” topics

That way you can post simple answers, without spending much thought, and without being labeled as a spammer for destroying serious questions. Well, I admit I was among those, once.

6) Nobody gained Xper from asking questions

The most you can earn from each question, is 3 points per each (this if both genders answered). So don’t think that you can earn much from asking whatever silly thing you have in mind. It’s not bad thing to do it, but don’t expect you will earn much.

7) The more time to kill you have the more Xper you will gain.

I don’t say free time, but time to kill. It’s different. I don’t advice you to spend all your free time here (I did it for some period personally). But if you actually have nothing to do, then go for it.


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  • Klaatu, is that you? Lol lame af.

    • And what if I am? Will you report me about it?

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    • Oh! Regular hater? I see... :D

    • You know who I am, yeeea, sure. Lol

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  • I'm not for xper farming personally, but this is certainly quite an interesting myTake 👍

    Personally, I just write long answers (generally trying to make them quality), so I was able to get decent MHO%. It means less total opinions would need to be written to gain a certain amount of xper, but they take longer. I feel they also tend to burn one out faster. It's a catch 22 I guess.

    I know that, if I was trying to xper farm though, writing myTakes is the way to go. MyTakes seem to give lots of xper, and although they take longer to write, they tend to give xper at a faster rate... Possibly even faster than short low quality opinion answers, but I can't say for certain.

    Another tip I'd give to people though is to answer questions that'll get little to no opinions otherwise. This was more so for when questions didn't close, but it can still be relevant to now. Since no opinion questions also give you an extra xper for answering first, it racks up quick.


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  • Lol dude this is the best mytake in a long time. LMFAO that bart simpson picture though. And yeah I agree with this also remember you can follow social media and gains hundreds of points from just following google+, facebook, and tiwtter;.

    • Oh, you became Master recently I see. I always "pictured" you with a Guru badge. As for the Social media, it can only happen once.

    • Yeah I know still and I like how you talked about it like its final fantasy or something rofl and yeah I am a master now :)

  • Yes, the farmers were once totally out of control and I finally had to block them as best I could.

    Gag has found ways to limit farming but it's still going on all the time. Farmers are the main reason it taks 7000 points now to get an Amazon card, when is was much less not so long ago. The farmers gobble up all the available cards, so admin was forced to raise the minimum.

  • Haha I want to stop my Xper. I don't want my Guru badge to go away.

  • I would only do 4 and 7. Socializing on here also give Xper.

    • oh and voting on featured polls and commenting on featured questions and mytakes.

  • This is obviously Klaatu.

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