Hitting CTRL+Z on Closed Questions

Hitting CTRL+Z on Closed Questions

As part of an effort to make GirlsAskGuys even more valuable for our community, we introduced the ability to close a question a while ago.

The rationale behind Closed Questions was that you could close a question once you were satisfied with the opinions, allowing us to give space to new questions that needed attention. Ultimately, the idea was to balance supply and demand between questions and the most valuable thing our great community produces: opinions.

But, when we poured over the data from the past few months, it became clear that the number of opinions isn't necessarily related to the amount of questions asked. A social network is something wonderful and complex because people too are wonderful and complex.

This is why we decided to stop closing questions automatically. Askers will still be able to do it if they feel they got the help and opinions they needed for their questions, of course. On top of that, we have reopened all the questions automatically closed so you can take full control of the content you created.

Last but not least, we have reverted back to the daily asking limits for creating questions. Please check this updated FAQ entry to learn more.

Hitting CTRL+Z on Closed Questions
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