How I decide if my question is successful


Well, here goes my first Mytake.

Sometimes I see questions like "how do you write good questions on here?" and then I thought about the type of questions that I've written myself and what was my intention behind them.

I noticed a pattern (and maybe you have too with your own) about my questions and that they can be split up into two types... for the most part.

1 - The questions I want answered. Usually very specific about something and not quite as relatable. Think "do you like this band?". So I'll only get a few answers because not everyone will care about that particular band. Which is successful to me because that's all I needed is just a few opinions.

2 - The questions I want to answer. I don't think it's any secret that people love to talk about their favorite music so if I ask "what's your favorite band?" then it'll attract a lot more attention because it's more general. I just think of myself as the one answering because I love to give that sort of info.

Either of these approaches could be considered for any category.

Maybe this advice is obvious but I just thought I'd share it anyways. Hopefully some one found it useful. If not then this is just my guinea pig of a test Mytake.

Thanks for reading.

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How I decide if my question is successful
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  • Anonymous
    So many people ask a question, invite everyone to answer it and they dont respond to anyone, like any questions or even bother to select MHO. When I see that I stop replying to them
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    Is this still revelant?
    • Same here. But people still have lives outside of GaG and it's easy to forget (I know). That's why I try not to let it bother me too much.

    • Thank you for the reply... I'm glad someone did after two months lol.

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