Respecting G@Gers!

Treating people with respect makes your world a nicer place to live in, exactly, YOUR WORLD, whether it's at home, at school, or out in your community, or even G@G.

Respecting G@Gers!

Some might care less about G@G in general, but I personally do care about people who sit behind their screens and find the time to share their struggles and Ideas with us, people who actually count on us.

Answering reasonably by resolving their little or big issue, let's say, they don't have anyone else to rely on in real life so they chose US...the G@G community.

Doesn't it feel good when people thank you because you have just resolved a problem for them (even if it was a teenager having a crush kind of problem)?

On this website, we are all from diverse nations, made up of many different cultures, languages, races, backgrounds, education, even the way we are raised...we are all different, yet we need to all agree on one thing and one thing only...WE NEED, no, we MUST respect each other.

Respecting G@Gers!


I noticed a lot of bashing, a lot of criticizing, and mostly a lot of judging upon commenters, Askers, Editors and so on.

Even if we disagree with each other, which is normal, we can do it by accepting each others diverse way of thinking, and learn from it. We should not BASH each other for having different points of view, this does not make sense. Obviously we should always stick to our own valid ideas, but we should never try to change others valid ideas just because they are different from ours.

Respecting G@Gers!

Remember, what is normal for ME is not normal for YOU and vice versa.

Here are some ways we can respect people who are different from us on G@G.

1. Try to learn something from the other person, try to understand why are they reacting that way on a particular topic.

2. Never stereotype people.

3. Show interest and appreciation for other people's cultures and backgrounds.

4. Don't go along with prejudices and racist attitudes. Please just don't ... this does not make you Human at least not in my eyes.

5. Be sensitive to other people's feelings.

6. Be considerate of people's likes and dislikes. Accept them, it's easy, you don't have to forcefully PROVE something because if you constantly find something to ARGUE about, it will make you look like a fool, and PLUS what have you achieved at the end? NOTHING....

7. Don't insult people or make fun of them, no matter what they did, no matter what they are going through, respect their choices, even if they did something wrong, help them out by not using bad words and especially by not insulting them or judging them.

We're not perfect, nobody is, but we can be perfectly capable to understand each other, to give each other perfect visions of what THEY DID wrong and HOW THEY DID wrong , without insulting them.

Respecting G@Gers!

Remember, most people know they did something wrong, there is no particular need to remind them of it, instead focus on what those people really seek, and to help them to get out of

Treat others problems and issues as if they were your own. Obviously now I will have comments like:

"But you can't just treat a Criminal or Pedophile with respect!! "

YES, you are right, but I'm not going THAT DEEP, I'm talking about YOU and ME and the G@G community with a healthy mindset.

Those people are another category.

Don't go there, just comment on the BASICS . < this is part of what I mean, people tend to go OUTSIDE OF TOPIC all the time instead of focusing on the subject itself. They GO around and mostly end up exaggerating. They end up putting words in your mouth, and some even end up knowing you better than you know yourself ...

DON'T ...

Do we really have to respect people who only deserve it? No, you can respect nature, animals and humans without expecting it back. By that, you are respecting yourself first.

Just be respectful, be nice, it's free and it feels amazing to help people, they will thank you for that...

Thanks for reading, and I welcome everyone to share their thoughts, possibly, positive thoughts.

Respecting G@Gers!

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Respecting G@Gers!
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