Respecting G@Gers!


Treating people with respect makes your world a nicer place to live in, exactly, YOUR WORLD, whether it's at home, at school, or out in your community, or even G@G.

Respecting G@Gers!

Some might care less about G@G in general, but I personally do care about people who sit behind their screens and find the time to share their struggles and Ideas with us, people who actually count on us.

Answering reasonably by resolving their little or big issue, let's say, they don't have anyone else to rely on in real life so they chose US...the G@G community.

Doesn't it feel good when people thank you because you have just resolved a problem for them (even if it was a teenager having a crush kind of problem)?

On this website, we are all from diverse nations, made up of many different cultures, languages, races, backgrounds, education, even the way we are raised...we are all different, yet we need to all agree on one thing and one thing only...WE NEED, no, we MUST respect each other.

Respecting G@Gers!


I noticed a lot of bashing, a lot of criticizing, and mostly a lot of judging upon commenters, Askers, Editors and so on.

Even if we disagree with each other, which is normal, we can do it by accepting each others diverse way of thinking, and learn from it. We should not BASH each other for having different points of view, this does not make sense. Obviously we should always stick to our own valid ideas, but we should never try to change others valid ideas just because they are different from ours.

Respecting G@Gers!

Remember, what is normal for ME is not normal for YOU and vice versa.

Here are some ways we can respect people who are different from us on G@G.

1. Try to learn something from the other person, try to understand why are they reacting that way on a particular topic.

2. Never stereotype people.

3. Show interest and appreciation for other people's cultures and backgrounds.

4. Don't go along with prejudices and racist attitudes. Please just don't ... this does not make you Human at least not in my eyes.

5. Be sensitive to other people's feelings.

6. Be considerate of people's likes and dislikes. Accept them, it's easy, you don't have to forcefully PROVE something because if you constantly find something to ARGUE about, it will make you look like a fool, and PLUS what have you achieved at the end? NOTHING....

7. Don't insult people or make fun of them, no matter what they did, no matter what they are going through, respect their choices, even if they did something wrong, help them out by not using bad words and especially by not insulting them or judging them.

We're not perfect, nobody is, but we can be perfectly capable to understand each other, to give each other perfect visions of what THEY DID wrong and HOW THEY DID wrong , without insulting them.

Respecting G@Gers!

Remember, most people know they did something wrong, there is no particular need to remind them of it, instead focus on what those people really seek, and to help them to get out of

Treat others problems and issues as if they were your own. Obviously now I will have comments like:

"But you can't just treat a Criminal or Pedophile with respect!! "

YES, you are right, but I'm not going THAT DEEP, I'm talking about YOU and ME and the G@G community with a healthy mindset.

Those people are another category.

Don't go there, just comment on the BASICS . < this is part of what I mean, people tend to go OUTSIDE OF TOPIC all the time instead of focusing on the subject itself. They GO around and mostly end up exaggerating. They end up putting words in your mouth, and some even end up knowing you better than you know yourself ...

DON'T ...

Do we really have to respect people who only deserve it? No, you can respect nature, animals and humans without expecting it back. By that, you are respecting yourself first.

Just be respectful, be nice, it's free and it feels amazing to help people, they will thank you for that...

Thanks for reading, and I welcome everyone to share their thoughts, possibly, positive thoughts.

Respecting G@Gers!

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Respecting G@Gers!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • CheerGirl38139
    Good points.

    I will say for me, that the non-stop, closed-minded, judgmental attitudes of the vast majority of users here, has caused me to be even more sarcastic than I already am.

    That and the reinstatement of the down vote feature, limits many of my opinions to one-liners and GIFs.

    The lack of reading comprehension is also appalling, which pretty much keeps me from wanting to write MyTakes, even though I love to write.

    I should probably tone it down a notch at times, but I remember posting a question asking users what percentage of open-mindedness that they personally have... and I LOL'd for days at some of the people that I've seen dig their heels in and not budge over ANYTHING... saying that they were 75-99% open-minded.

    Bless you for still being willing to be an editor. :)
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    • natured

      I will, and trust me, if you check my other MyTakes, you will see a lot of people calling me different names, and guess what, the stupid me still cuddled them sarcasticly, because I guess I am too old to just CURSE back at people or i might just been educated well by amazing mom.

      Fact is, i understand where you come from, and I'm the same, sometimes i have an attidude and some know I do, and they expect me to react in certain ways, but my heart is still on the right spot and i HIT the right buttons on my keyboard when people really need an honest opinion, i NEVEr ever would offend them though.

      You should also continue writing <3 nobody will stop it, as long as i have time, (i write mytakes in 20 to 30 minutes normally, because i work the whole day lol)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Aizou
    The first and last love, is self-love. When we have that down, we can share it, and if we're lucky, we may even have it shared back.

    "Try to learn something from the other person, try to understand why are they reacting that way on a particular topic." Agree, 100% People act however they do "for a reason" If we can understand this reason, we can help them, without getting upset or lose ourselves to foolishness.

    Great take. 😇
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    • natured

      THank you so much dear, you are a clear example of what I mean though, you always respect people in here with your amazing choice of words and wisdom.

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  • Hans222
    Wow, another one of these takes which are extremely true :D
    I absolutely raise my hand... the reason why after 3.5 years on GAG I still enjoy myself is that I've always respected people.
    If someone comes back after a year off GAG I can still say "welcome back" with a smile and get a smile back :D
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  • JimRSmith
    Excellent take.

    I am very tired of seeing personal abuse dished out to some of the more creative people on the site, and I'm not surprised when people get discouraged. Not at all.

    I think are a lot of people who respond to any kind of challenge to their own opinions with bile, vitriol etc, and who should sometimes step back and consider the possible impact of some of the things they say.

    As with everything, however, there is always an exception. None of the above applies when we're dealing with HAIR FETISH GUY...
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  • DiogoRibeiro
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  • ThisDudeHere
    "we MUST respect each other."
    -Respect is to be earned, not deserved. The only thing anyone deserves is basic civility.

    "Show interest and appreciation for other people's cultures and backgrounds."
    -I have no obligation to do so. I mean I completely don't care at all over what goes on in, say, Bolivia. Much like the entire planet has likely never even heard of Latvia and likely doesn't care about it.

    "Be sensitive to other people's feelings."
    -So long as they act nice. If they start pulling some shit, it is not my obligation at all to care about whether their poor little feelings are hurt. They are an adult who is in charge of their emotions and it's not my duty to make sure they are safeguarded.

    "Be considerate of people's likes and dislikes."
    -I will be but that does not mean I have to agree with them if I find faults in them.

    "Accept them, it's easy"
    -I can accept that they exist but I do not have to agree with them, as I said.

    "you don't have to forcefully PROVE something because if you constantly find something to ARGUE about, it will make you look like a fool"
    -Indeed, I don't have to argue about something but if they keep bringing up something I just plain out consider to be wrong, what am I to do? Agree with them? Change my views? Ignore them?

    "and PLUS what have you achieved at the end? NOTHING.."
    -I will have retained sovereignty over my own ideals and stood ground.

    "help them out by not using bad words and especially by not insulting them or judging them."
    -I agree that one should not be quick to judge but many a choice could have easily been avoided.
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    • @ThisDudeHere
      I wonder if @natured is going to argue in support of not arguing!
      Yeah, I hate the "Can't we just all get along" mentality, too.
      Some things are worth fighting for.
      Ironically, I usually agree with natured more than you on here.

      That said, I don't like personal insults.

    • @I-am-a-nobody Understandable.

    • If someone attacks you online, it's not an actual physical fight... retaliating by hurting them doesn't solve anything.

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  • Chico_brah
    "Even if we disagree with each other, which is normal, we can do it by accepting each others diverse way of thinking, and learn from it."

    I agree with this. We all have different values and are values are literally the embodiment of our lives as a whole. Different experiences, different upbringings, different experiences. If someone is saying that only their way is the correct way on an absolute level, then they have completely deviated from what would be considered rational thoughts. I preach this in politics all the time.


    Having said all of this, I've always been the type of person who doesn't hand out respect to just anyone. With me, someone has to earn my respect. It's not as if I'm going out blatantly disrespecting people for the fun of it but I'll have no problem stepping on someones toes to see what they are made of. If that person can handle me coming at them, then they will of earned my respect.

    I can be very confrontational but people typically respect me for that. I'd never be a doormat. People who hand out respect to everything and everyone are typically doormats. This concept is more applicable to men in comparison to women by a long shot.

    It's a big bad world out there and in this life you're either the little anchovy swimming around, or you're the barracuda. People are naturally competitive and my mindset is sort of "I dare you to try to come at me".

    Just my opinion. Nice take though.
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  • UnknownReflection
    Fascinating! Enjoyable to read. Pleasantly positive and another take to save! sometimes i'd like to pick up some of your notes this one is hard to miss. A good positive article at once!

    The start of the take caught my attention in a different level. Because it's something i'm wondering about in my mind. The only goal i have for joining such communities is to communicate with different people, different cultures, languages, backgrounds, to learn and doing my best to teach in the best of my ability. My primarily objective is to help people. To be a solution and always come up with the best possible ideas for their questions, wonders, curiosity and issues. It's very unpleasant and sad to see many people use their time and effort to make fun of people, show radical behaviors or just to smash something in someone's face. Hopefully your words can impress some of these people! however as one of the members mentioned "They can't be changed over night"

    However, if people try to follow those seven factors, not just G@G community but the world would be a better place already.
  • Schrodingerscat
    This place is really full of close minded people and with people with sadistic, cringe worthy mentality.
    I encounter so many people who stereotype all Indians and judge them just because of few sickos. I have had some racist comments thrown at me for no reason here. Much earlier, it used to affect me a lot but now I just laugh it off and can't stop but wondering how close minded people can be.
    And some users here... Not gonna go into details but let's just say that they draw pleasure by talking down on other users and making a joke out of their shortcomings/issues.
    On all that background in mind, I don't think you can change mindset of such people overnight.
    But I appreciate this take because it just goes to show that there are some sensible users here as well.
    Good work 😇😎
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    • *But I appreciate this take because it just goes to show that there are some sensible users like you here as well.

    • natured

      Thank you so much dear. I do understand how you feel in that case. I have to say those people have no Idea about how Indian people rock this world. They are amazing, super intelligent and they invented so many things i added them on a lot of mytakes because i know people judge them even though there is nothing to be judged about. Nobody deserves to be judged in the first place.

      I apprechiate it deeply for reading this.

      Hugs ♡

  • JDavid25
    Aw yeah man, shoo.. The internet is a hard place to teach this to.. LOL.. But yes we should strive to at the very least respect each other even if we disagree.. I mean at least see the person themselves and not their beliefs so much in that situation.. But yeah.. I totally agree.. :)..
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  • Robin48
    Total agree. Some women and girls do not see that from a male unless she can benefit from him. Also as long he goes with her think that he is being respectful. One of the conflicts in a relationship is female in general do not see this from their side of the road. They only see it from the male side of the road.
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  • luvstoned4him
    Agreed. I think even tho we dont agree must respect that person opinion and try to understand why they wouldve come to that decision, idea, etc. a lot of times, I am shut down, before I am understood.
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  • glaji
    Hi, i always respect the others..., but sometimes some people don't respect you even if you respect them...
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    • natured

      It doesn't matter, we should continue respecting, we don't need to expect things in return :)

    • glaji

      I think everybody should respect everybody.^^

  • LastNightmare
    Thanks honey.. I really feel that it must be given the best myTake award on GAG. This is something very new which all GAGers must learn. I wish we can have better life here on GAG and better understanding with all. You are awesome honey.. loya ya n your thoughts.. keep the spirit up..
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  • coolbreeze
    Great advice. If only people actually did that on here. Like all sites their will always be good and bad users.
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  • Jan1ssary_
    Some don't really deserve it seriously, I am talking about foot fetish pedophiles !
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    • natured

      Read the whole thing please :)

  • pewdiepie_
    Hello, everyone :) How's it going Bros? We must respect each Other because "We Are The World." Do not discriminate anyone because of Race, Colour, Religion etc., Because everything is different in this world.
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  • John_Doesnt
    I never get the respect I deserve on here for being the president of the universe with a 14 inch penis and a nobel prize in sex-making.
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    "Don't insult people or make fun of them, no matter what they did, no matter what they are going through, respect their choices, even if they did something wrong, help them out by not using bad words and especially by not insulting them or judging them."

    OMG this so much. People try to justify fights by saying the person offended them. FYI if you act like a child that's only on you. Or people will say, well I should just let them hit me and get away with it? That's not it. Actually, an attack with words isn't comparable to actually being physically attacked IRL anyway LOL

    You're responsible for what you say and do, and it's that simple.
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  • Razal
    Nice take yet again!!
    Respect is earned. You give respect, you get respect.
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    • natured

      I don't expect to be respected back :D because I DO MY PART, and then it's up to them. If they don't respect them, it's their loss, if they do, hell we can hug and go grab a coffee somewhere :D

    • Razal

      I agree, so should i expect a coffee soon ;)

    • natured

      Sure <3

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    So much of this is needed. Not just on G@G, but in the world at large. Maybe then we can put all this PCness to rest.
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  • RealandGenuine26
    You make good points but I can only respect the ones who give helpful advice. Because they took time to write to someone they don't even know to help them. thats only fair to me.
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