Evil on G@G, Acid Attacks and Execution? WHAT?


So, I uploaded a MyTake not so long ago, and I got a lot of negative opinions. People disagreeing with me, I'm all open for debate, but what I'm not open for is hate:

President Trump Racism Row And Inhumanity: Wake Up People!

I got told this because I stated my opinion:

Evil on G@G, Acid Attacks and Execution? WHAT?

Now there is a lot of evil about this opinion, evil is an understatement actually.

Firstly, let's take a look at the lesser evil, but despite being the lesser evil, it is still evil on a colossal scale.

Hopefully you get acid attacked by one of those migrants.

You sure as hell deserve it.

Now clearly these statements were aimed at me because of what?

I believe Trump's tweets a few days ago were extremely racist?

I believe Trump is a racist for calling Nazis, who were waving around the Nazi flag and confederate flag, whilst chanting "Jews will not replace us" as "fine people"?

I believe locking up human beings and children in cages, which happen to be in filthy conditions as inhumane?

Many people disagree with me on these points. But not once have I wished for anyone who disagrees with me to be attacked, especially in an awful way, an acid attack. Those attacks change a person's life forever, physically and mentally.

Already, I live in an area which is high in crime, I'm going to college next year and the college I am going to happens to be in one of the worst areas in my city full of many drunks and people who take drugs. And I have no choice but to go to that college because that is the only place near to me, where I can study the courses I need to study in order to get on to the course I want to get on to for university.

So there is a chance I could get attacked by anybody, not just a migrant because there are many British born criminals out there too.

And on top of that, I have been diagnosed with diplegia by the doctor, this causes me to limp and the whole left side of my body is extremely weaker than the right side of my body. I can't even put my left hand straight without my finger bones pushing inwards, even holding a cup with just my left hand can be a struggle for me. I believe I have hemiplegia, not diplegia but the doctor has diagnosed me with diplegia so that's just what I call it.

So that definitely makes me an easy target.

And on top, this person hopes I get acid attacked and thinks I deserve it for disagreeing with them? I'm already partially-disabled but I haven't been registered as partially-disabled because I don't want it to define me for the rest of my life so imagine what an acid attack could do to me.

Firstly, it could knock me off two grades for my A-levels. Secondly, I don't want another reason for people in the street to look at me weird, sometimes they see me limping and I see them staring, I know they probably have no mean intent or anything, but I don't like to be stared at, especially for something I can't control.

And the person who wished this acid attack on me, and told me I deserve it, also calls me an extremist.

I never wished an acid attack on anybody. And three people liked this comment by the way. Do they wish an acid attack upon me as well? Do they think I deserve to be acid attacked as well?

Now, let's look at some more evil comments they made:

Illegal aliens

They're not aliens, they're human beings. You cut them, they bleed red just like you. You look at their insides, they'll have a skeleton just like you, they'll have an immune system just like you.

They're not aliens, they're just human beings that look a little different to the person who made this comment.

Do the three people who liked this comment think that these people are "illegal aliens" as well?

I'd happily see them executed

What the hell? Now I and my best friend read this comment together, and this part was the part which shocked us the most. We both gasped and were gobsmacked and were speechless at how disgusting this comment was.

When you think about yes, crossing the border illegally is a crime but people have done far worse.

There are rapists out there, murderers, pedophiles and probably some more disgusting people which I can't even think about.

Most people usually cross the border illegally not because they have malicious intent, but because they see no hope. They see it as an escape, so they try their best to get to America because everybody's heard about the "American dream" right? They just want a better life for themselves. I'm not saying it is not illegal, but understand people's desperation.

And he wants to see these people executed? Little babies executed? This person reminds me of a Nazi if he would happily see anyone executed. I could not watch somebody be executed, it would be too painful, all the blood, all the fear, all the screaming- I just couldn't.

Do the three people who liked this comment happily see these adults and children be executed too?

But anyway, this person has just screwed themselves massively.

Despite them using an alias and not their real name, their employer could still find this opinion somehow and link it to the real-life identity of whichever person posted the opinion. An alias doesn't make you completely anonymous.

Let's say somehow their employer does find this and manages to link it to their real-life identity, then what will their employer think?

They've just wished an acid attack upon a 16-year-old girl with diplegia and told her she deserves it. They have also told her that they believe adults and children who happen to be illegal immigrants deserve to be executed.

Firstly, can their employer risk having someone with such a violent mindset in the workplace? If they can wish an acid attack upon a 16-year-old girl with diplegia, then what else will they say that might make whoever they are working for look bad?

An employer may see that person as a risk to the company and sack them.

And if that doesn't happen let's say a co-worker manages to pull that comment up, and link it to the person's identity, and let's say that co-worker is so sickened by this comment they amplify it on social media and make it known that this person wrote this.

This person will no doubt receive a lot of negative attention, and their employer will be bound to find out. Now again, this way, this person becomes a risk to the company and could easily give the employer and the company a bad name so the employer will maybe sack them.

And imagine them going to another job interview, and their new employer pulling up a reference about why they were sacked from their last job. The new employer may deem this person as a risk to the company's reputation and not employ them either.

And if the identity of the three people who liked this comment get found out, their jobs could easily be at risk as well.

Oh well, they have nobody but themselves to blame.

Thank you for reading this MyTake :)

Evil on G@G, Acid Attacks and Execution? WHAT?
Evil on G@G, Acid Attacks and Execution? WHAT?
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