When Will People Just Stop? :(

When Will People Just Stop? :(

I usually start my MyTakes with 'Today has been a good day' or something like that. I'd be lying if I said that today. Today so far has not been a good day. At all. I woke up with the really bad joint pain I get because of my disability, and that makes me slower, my limp "worse" and my balance poorer- so it took me longer to get ready so I missed the bus (and today it was on time for once) so I had to wait for the next bus and I was late for college.

And I don't like telling people about it, in real life, I'm telling you guys on here because none of you know me in real life. But my Law teacher seemed really annoyed at me for being late, so I felt like I had to explain to her and I hate doing that. Plus, all the 'anxiety' I guess you could call it was going on in my mind about people looking at the way I'm walking, and seeing me as some 'disabled girl' and some even smiling out of sympathy- it just makes me insecure.

Anyway, lunchbreak soon came and I thought 'thank god' and I ate my lunch, headed to the library because I always go to one when I'm upset, and I decided to log on to G@G to talk to one of my friends on here because none of my friends from school were online...

And just when I thought I'd made peace, and that weight was finally off my chest I see myself invited to another MyTake by some dude who accused me of 'cyberbullying' and 'trashing' the person I was talking about on my MyTake yesterday: Calling It Peace: Let's Be Civil

I don't understand how I've done so, I included some opinions of theirs which I found racist towards me and others- those were just a few I could remember but I could have pulled up many more comments.

Those opinions I pulled up weren't to 'trash' that user, they were to show how I feel how I'd been hurt by them.

I just feel like I have always got some kind of defence up on here. If I'm not defending myself for being Pakistani, I'm defending myself for being Muslim and vice versa. Or I'm defending the Pakistani or Muslim community and then the people who I am defending myself against have the nerve to make it out like:

"Ohhhh Muslims and POC have it soooooooo easy"

This person accuses me of 'playing the victim' and if that how it comes across to them, then that's how it comes across to them- but I feel like I'm just constantly defending myself.

I've been told (by various users):

"I hope this spidermanfan gets raped"

I've been called a hypocrite for following someone who I didn't know had some disgusting opinions, the minute I found out I also called them out for their disgusting opinions and blocked them, but when it comes to people speaking about the same issues as me and following someone who wished rape upon me, they don't get called out for being hypocrites.

"Because you are Muslim I consider you to have no humanity about you"

I've been told I am a "product of inbreeding" because I am Pakistani.

I've had an acid attack wished upon me.

As a British Pakistani I've been compared to a dog born in stable.

And the list could go on.

So I may be a little defensive when I mention I'm Pakistani and someone asks me if my parents are cousins.

I used a term once which I regret using and I will not repeat it. It was an offensive term and I didn't know that because I see that term widely used in the media- and if it's offensive the media shouldn't normalise it, and I apologised for using that term and have not used it since.

So all I am asking is:

A) I just want an apology

B) Can we all please stop this? It's like one person stops then another starts.

C) Can we call it peace?

Thanks for reading guys.

When Will People Just Stop? :(
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  • kanelives

    Im sorry you have to deal with what you do, but let me tell you that you are doing what I can't do. I dont speak out about problems, not because I dont care about them, but because I never know what to say or how to speak out against them. I never have the words in the moment to speak against the people you do speak out against. Yes, people will think you're bullying them, but that is because you have proven them wrong and revealed to them how bad they are as a person. They don't like themselves after you speak out against them, so they try to make you feel bad. You should feel proud of what you're doing because you have not done a single thing wrong from what I can see. I hope you will be able to begin to see that and hopefully not take what they say to heart because what they say is just evidence that you have won.

    People are terrible, but the greater majority of people- that I can see- supports you, because there are decent people and there are more of them than bad. I hope your day improves!

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    • Thank you. The way you put things into perspective really makes sense. I mean, it's just at the time I was writing this- I'd just got over my joint pain, it sounds really stupid but the anxiety of people just staring at the way I walk just made me feel really bad- and I didn't like sharing that info with my teacher either, but she was beginning to think I don't care about the class, because she didn't know.

      I'm seeing what you are saying now. Thank you. And sometimes I can't help but speak out, I just look at all the disgusting opinions people post on here, and I get all fired up and post in defence if that makes sense. :)

    • kanelives

      I get that, I don't like attention from strangers either. Its not that stupid, but hey- if you want to prove your professor wrong for thinking you dont care for the class, just get an a or A+, or whatever is the highest grade you can get.

    • Oh no, that's all good now- I sent her an email about it and she said she has a hidden disability herself, so she understands.

  • lernulo

    Fucking pakistaní, they have it sooo easy... XD
    Out of jokes, I empathy your situation, it isn't easy, and you have passed for a lo just because your born.
    I think there is a point everybody must go to and it's the point where nobody is blamed for born.
    You deserve an apology.
    People who goes against it, have a point in which they will stand forever... We are not guilty of our parents sins.
    And it's true, it's the point where your movement never should go to have justice on their side.

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    • Thank you for your response- but I was a little confused to your last two lines? What do you mean? :)

Most Helpful Girls

  • NikkiLoves69

    I wish I could tell you to not let everyone bother you, and it would work. I just wish you peace of mind. I'm sorry you had such a bad day and people on here made it worse, g@g has always been so nice it seems so I hope the ones you dealt with have been removed.

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  • NickiB

    I have answered a few of your questions and I want to first say that all my interactions with you have been positive.

    I think you seem smart and caring and from what I know you seem very strong and brave.

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  • Blitzkrieg_88

    That's rough, sorry you had such a shitty day. That other girl your feuding with seems to have a tough time too. I wish you could each look at things from each other perspectives.

    When Will People Just Stop? :(When Will People Just Stop? :(
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    • I don't see what the point of your pictures are. I am not trying to "silence" the girl about this problem we have in the UK, I state what she states about the problem and other factors of it too. Because if we really want the problem to be solved it has to be told from several aspects.

      And the way in which she reports these stories leads people to believe things which are not true- I mean she even claimed we have Sharia Law in Britain when we do not- we had group (s) of men who got called "Sharia Patrols" going around a city in England I don't know what they were saying or doing but they were rumoured to be attempting to implement Sharia Law. We do not have Sharia Law in England.

      And when somebody goes around liking opinions such as "send them back" and "nobody likes people of colour" they will get backlash from POC and they will get called racist, especially if they do not apologise.

    • And tell me how I "trashed her" I still don't understand how I do so.

    • Your trashing her right now. You don't have sharia law? Isn't that something practiced internally thst people can choose to obey, like church law or Jewish law?

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  • SkipStop

    There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about injuries. It happens to lots of people. I was playing ice hockey and a slap shot struck my ankle. I fell in pain and others helped me get to the bench. The next day I still had pain and couldn't walk comfortably. I still went to school because I had an important test. A couple of friends asked what was up with my walking and I just told them the story. Nothing wrong with that. People get injured every once in a while.
    It's natural to defend yourself in situations when you get attacked or accused. You want to appear strong and show others that you will not take that crap from them. It can get annoying after a while. If it does, ignore it. Let them know that you don't care about their opinion. Same with the rape stuff. Let them say whatever they want. It's not a threat. People troll all the time. It's the internet. Most fun and cruel place in the world. Use it to your advantage. Don't ask for apologies because they are meaningless. It does not reverse the situation. And you can never know if they are being honest, even in person.

  • name_is_eric

    So much PC in this post, it's almost cringeworthy.
    In their defence, 'people of color' DO have it easy here, in Europe. The government treats them like special quests, and it's repulsive.

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    • No we don't. My city is one of the most diverse cities we have white people and POC, many different religious/non-religious followers are in my city too. The government just seem to be cutting our funding- I'm currently helping the libraries stay open.

  • lucas262

    I just want to say, you shouldn't let shittalkers get to you.

    I'm not a fan of Islam but being American ill be damned if Muslims can't practice their faith freely, people that like me that have a negative view of Islam we can disagree in s civil way these people need to know it'll never be black and white and neither side will ever have it all their way.

    wishing harm on others is inexcusable.

  • xkildy

    You must be really smart if your in college at your age... Or you have. It updated your profile on here.. so any case don't worry about people and just live for your self

    • Oh no, I'm not in university. In England you can leave school at 16, and then study at college which would be equivalent to the last two years of high school in the US. :)

    • xkildy

      Ah I see , I'm happy to hear you have a better system then here in the states..

  • Rangers

    I wouldn't get my hopes up for an apology as those kinds of people are very insecure and can't admit when they're wrong, so I'd rather not give them the time of day. Just tell them why those claims they made are inaccurate and forget about it.

  • MannySimms

    Other people's opinions and insults hurt you? Relax, that will all end when you become a lawyer.

    When Will People Just Stop? :(
    • "Other people's opinions hurt you?"
      If they're bigotted then sure.

    • MannySimms

      How would you feel if Donald Trump had a low opinion of you? You need to grow a thicker skin.

    • It's not about me. What I'm trying to say is the bigotted opinions can be dangerous because they can lead to a type of supremacy complex, in which could lead to people getting hurt.

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  • Stingray444

    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with some mean people on G@G. Try to just forget about them or just ignore them.

    The best advice there is is just simply to ignore the negativity and hate. Don't let negative people affect you! :)

    I know how exactly you feel, and it kinda feels like you're not even being listening to. You don't deserve any of this hate, especially the "acid attack" quote, that makes me sick that someone even has the nerve to say that to you, or even anyone — especially knowing that we're both sensitive people. Hearing that made me rage.

    You didn't even do any harm to them, but here they basically want you dead? but Dw.. They will get their karma

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  • bulletbob555

    When will they stop its hard to say. I see people becoming less tolerant of others. In 60's people were changing and the same thing happened. So things will change but don't be in a hurry for when you see it

    • I often feel like we are heading back to the 60s/50s where things like racism and sexism are becoming 'okay' again. When it's never okay. Thank you for your response. :)

  • Sevenpointfive

    have you tried messaging this person? they obviously haven't blocked you.

  • shimmeryns

    I suggest to just ignore her/him/them, sooner or later hopefully it will die out.

  • tartaarsaus

    That’s so sad that you had such a bad day and their behaviour! They are so vindictive


    *hugs* you will always count me as a friend and a rock during these hard times. 💓💓💓😎

  • troylapp

    Ya today i had 2 bad deals with 2 separate cases? 2 full cups 1 coffee 1 hot chocolate , looser !

  • Lemia

    Ignore the haters and talk to people you trust.

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  • UnknownGagsUser

    Hey best way is to ignore them

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