The Real Strength And Beauty Of A Moonchild.

You are the original moonchild
You are the original moonchild

This is not my usual kind of mytake. Or not really a mytake as much as it's a take of my thoughts, feelings for someone I greatly appreciate and admire.

Sister from another mister 😘
Sister from another mister 😘

This is dedicated to a beautiful, strong, courageous woman I met here on GaG, @Moonchild714 who is facing a lot of difficult battles in life right now. So this is for my fellow gager, my "soul" sister❤

Your courage and strength is admirable
Your courage and strength is admirable

Your strength is not measured by physical muscles. It is the inner strength you have shown through all you have already been through, and all you still have ahead of you. Through all the struggles, you have remained the strength in your family.

Thinking of others pain and hurt even when it would be understandable to think of just your own. I admire your strength and spirit more than meer words can ever express.

Youre an Amazing woman
You're an Amazing woman

Your beauty knows no bounds.

You've made me feel special, smart, appreciated, you've made me laugh even when I felt like crying. Your beauty touches all who know you.

You have a beautiful mind, heart, and soul. The world needs more beauty such as yours. Your strength is also part of your beauty.

Free spirit
Free spirit

True inner beauty can't be bought, will never change , can never be lost.You will always be beautiful in my eyes, and for all who have been touched by your beauty. So just remember:

You are fierce
You are fierce

You have a battle ahead of you. But do you remember I once said I would follow you into any battle? Those words have never been more true than they are at this time. You are not facing this battle alone. You have an army of people standing beside you.

I am honored to call you my beautiful friend❤


The Real Strength And Beauty Of A Moonchild.
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  • TadCurious
    This was inspiring and beautiful to read. You are a great friend to support your friend through her difficult times and I know that must mean more to her than words can say.
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    • Thank you. Just sometimes you wish there was more you could do

    • TadCurious

      Thank you very much for MHO and for writing such a beautiful myTake in support of your friend! 😊

    • Welcome and thank you

  • mk200195
    This makes me think deep about everything. That's beautiful
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  • kymberz
    i am bawling like an idiot. i read every single word and i feel e. v. e. r. y. t. h. i. n. g.
    and i know just how much you both care so deeply about each other and i am just glad to have seen a tiny piece of it. so thank you both for demonstrating what deep love really looks like - a deep love that is based on true understanding, compassion, respect and admiration. thank you both for being so honest. and thank you both for being so kind to others. it means the world to me.
    • Thank you❤

    • kymberz

      you are so welcome. like always.

    • kymberz

      oh and so is she! i learned about her from following you and i danced for her because you asked!

  • Moonchild714
    I've been trying to get through this take for FOUR Days, So Emotional... I love Guy Sebastian and that song, I've been saying when will I be able to dance in the rain again everyone keeps you're in Buffalo and it's February not until June!!! Dancing in the Rain is one of my Favorite things to do...

    Thank you this was Amazing, much Love ❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘
  • Jjpayne
    Awww... This is soooo sweet! :) she's lucky to have you as a friend :)
  • SydneySentinel
    That's beautiful! This is such a lovely thing to see on Gag today!!
  • bklynbadboy1
    Wow! You've really impressed me this time. I'm not an emotional person I swear I'm gonna get you back for this
    • Thanks for reading. But 👅 this was meant for the person it was wrote for, but shhh🤫 I won't tell if you shed a tear 😥 I shed more than a few other day.

    • Your an AMAZING PERSON

    I'm a part of that army. I follow Wonder Woman wherever she goes. 😎
    • Thank you friend🤗Me too. She stronger than wonder woman. She'd kick wonderwomen's ass 😁

    • She sure got my vote. 😄

  • Lionboy79
    Beautiful and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing, Wisconsin. And gooood morning dear! 😘
    • Lol good night you mean lol well technically it's almost morning. Iit's almost midnight

    • Lionboy79

      Dear this is the great thing about this beautiful world, we do have different time zones ;) lol And now... Good night! Hope you have a fantastic day ahead ;)

    • It's half over now lol

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes @Moonchild714 is awesome person and i hope her Valentines Day is Blessed she is a sweet Soul ((( hugs ))) for Moonchild714 .. Thanks for sharing well written :) :)
  • Plitty-Tank
    All of these were awesome. Are you a moon worshipper, madam Brainsbeforebeauty?
  • BlueFlame14
    Yep, we're all unique little snowflakes... Just like everybody else
  • seansin
    And here I am I totally don't even get what you're saying I don't know if you're talking about somebody I just took those over my head I don't know why here I just want to know what everybody's thinking and try to get in a conversation and I don't even know what do you mean he's talking about anymore it's been so long since I've socialized with people I know how to get in a lot of trouble and not care but I don't want to I want to be I want to be sober I don't want to be in that life I don't I want to care you guys talk about fight what it what fighter we're going to hello all hell's going to break loose soon nobody's taking care of our week is that many people that are strong left that are on our side
    • I don't understand what you didn't get. It clearly said this is for a friend, someone I met here on GaG. I don't think I could of been any clearer

  • Avicenna
    Well done! An ode to Moonchild!
  • laurieluvsit
    WOW! ... I'm speechless... so nice!
    • Thanks but it more to bolster her strength, even though she's already proven how strong she is, but we all need our strength boosted sometimes

    • So right!

  • TCredo
    Beautifully written and expressed :)
    • Thank you. Thought you might see the word "moon" and go "nuts"🙃🙂😂

    • TCredo

      lol No - there's a time and a place for everything and for this sweetly written Take, my comment attempted to reflect your thoughts :)

    • Thank you. ♥️

  • ProfessionalMusician
    This is great
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take