Why the New 'Question Invite' Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately


Alright, this is a Public Service Announcement which should have been properly announced by G@G (wth is the 'G@G News' there for, anyway??), but was not.

The Developers have added a new feature to the site that now, by default, ALL QUESTIONS ARE AUTOMATICALLY SENT OUT TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU FOLLOW.


Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately
Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately

This is:

Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately


Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately

G@G, Do you have any idea how much of a flood of automated, unwanted notifications you have just created for us? Do you?

And it's not just a site bug this time. This will keep happening, permanently, unless you remove this 'feature' by default. It needs to be changed immediately. If it doesn't, users will have to parse through upwards of hundreds (or thousands, if they are not on the site regularly) of pointless, auto-generated notifications, and the manual invite system will be rendered moot and obsolete.

How It 'Works':

No doubt some users are going to be happy/fine with this, as they are about getting as many eyes as possible onto every single question and mytake they post. That is short-sighted. Why? A: Not everything appeals to everyone. Are you about volume and numbers, or quality and authentic relationships? Do you want to gain false popularity through automation, or do you want to know who actually values your opinion, and that an invite actually means something?

The more followers you have, the more invites you receive.

If you have thousands of followers guess how many invites you receive? Hundreds/day. It is a deluge in my Inbox. I cannot possibly answer every single question, and I don't know if any of them actually came from a user manually inviting me (which I normally do prioritize and take as a conscious request to get my opinion, advice, or help.) However, now I can't even find my legitimate notifications easily amongst the flood of now bogus notifications. I have spent way too much time answering invites, barely doing anything else, before I realized (thanks to @Jjpayne) that most of the invites are not even real.

Uh... Did any Programmers consider that this Setting

Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately

Contradicts with this setting??

Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately

So let me get this straight - I don't want to receive invites for all questions for people I follow, yet the people who follow me can send me invites for all questions and mytakes they post. WTF?

How the Tech Automation Sucks & What Are the Repercussions of Such a Change:

* It doesn't build authentic relationships. It prioritizes anyone who wants to flood others’ inboxes with their content

* There is no differentiation between an actual user-generated invite and a lame A.I. invite, rending the old (perfectly fine) system moot

* It creates bloat, churn, and visual clutter, which takes excess processing time and causes tech fatigue. Too many choices cause brains to shut down and consumers to walk away without making any purchase or decision or want to stay on the site

* In the mobile app you cannot delete a notification without first opening it, so every single notification has to be opened, thereby wasting loads of time just to clear notifications

How To Fix It:

Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately


1. Remove the 'feature altogether. No??

2. Take it immediately off default so invites are not automatic.

3. Announce all major software updates. Use the 'G@G News' feed. (Isn't that what it's there for??) And send us PMs about major functional site changes.


Go to Settings/Invite Settings/ and turn the 'Automatically send an invite to all the people I am Following when I ask a question or share a myTake' OFF by unchecking the box.

Do this
Do this

If GAG doesn't change their programming, and if users do not uncheck this new setting, then what are our options?

1. Leave the site, close the account.

2. Use the site far less often. (And then be faced with potentially thousands more notifications upon returning. So this actually solves nothing.)

3. Lock down the account, such as only allowing follows by users we approve. (Which I am philosophically against doing - I believe in a free and open internet and not shutting down communication)

4. Block users who refuse to change this Invite Setting and continue to spam users with every single question and mytake they post.

Why the New Question Invite Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately

This is a major decision, major change, bad tech, and once again, it has not been well thought-out.

You, @GirlsAskGuys probably think you're creating more user engagement. But you're not. What you're doing is redirecting traffic away from what users actually want to answer, to what the Askers want to be answered. Do you see the difference??? How is that logical, fair or right?

And now, some music to inspire you:

Dies Irae (Requiem) - Karl Jenkins & Adiemus.

Why the New 'Question Invite' Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed Immediately
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Thank you for posting this.. People have been saying it but you said it the most clearly... I don't even send invites much anymore, but guess I was without knowing it cuz of the change but thanks to your take/announcement I just turned that off
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Grond21
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What Girls & Guys Said

    Rather than take away the feature, bc some people find it convenient. I like it and I don’t kind deleting posts I can’t answer but I don’t get many or I don't know doesn’t bother me.

    They should add a feature “ I do not want to receive automatic invites to questions” (follows or not)

    That takes care of everything 😊
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    • AmandaYVR

      It was functioning fine before.

      There was already a setting to send yourself a notification when someone you follow posts a q or mytake (which I posted a screenshot of in the mytake.)

      Now it takes choice away from the receiver, gives it to the sender, the latter superseding and contradicting the other.

      Your suggestion doesn't work, because it will block ALL invites, not just the automated ones that some users are trying to push through indiscriminately.

      Many of us DO want to receive manual invites from our actual friends, and creating that setting, and turning it off, would prevent that from happening.

      So the site just got much worse.

    • VIVANT

      You’re right.

    • VIVANT

      Honestly I’ve barely been on. I didn’t realize how pot of control everything was. I just checked my feed it’s tremendous and explains why I keep missing new messages from PM.

  • Vencam
    The Devs found a new way to disappoint
    As someone who's not really affected by it (as I have very few followers/following) the thing that bothers me the most is having to go to the Desktop version to "fix" this...
    But still... Why? *Facepalms*
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    • Vencam

      Also, thanks for pointing this out. Being a bit unactive lately, I didn't notice... Your public service is appreciated!

    • AmandaYVR

      Thank you, Vencam 💋🙏

  • TooDrunk4Sex
    i really dont understand the dev decisions behind dis site from any sort of perspective: engineering, marketing, design, business. nothing makes sense 2 me every time there is a change
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    • maybe im neglecting maintenance. i got blindspot just being user. but i still can't see how most of these changes make maintenance easier

  • DocT1977
    Delete your followers and you won't have that problem. Gotta be smarter than what you are working with.
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    • AmandaYVR

      Oh shut up.
      You think I overlooked that option? Give me a break.

      I am not about shutting down communication or ostracizing people because of some minor infraction. I am way beyond that. Geez.

    • DocT1977

      Well, then don't complain when you get notifications requesting your input. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

    • AmandaYVR

      I don't remove people for asking a question.
      But I do block certain people for unwarranted insults.
      Bye bye 👋

  • KingdomForAKiss
    Why the New 'Question Invite' Setting is Idiotic & Needs to be Removed ImmediatelyDitto this!!

    Thanks for summarizing all of this. I have been on sporadically this past few weeks and all the invites are driving me crazy. Can't keep track of things the way that I want to.
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  • Jxmie
    New user on here, but yeah - this feature is really annoying. I keep getting invited to share my opinion by some guy who's scared his mums going to get "boob fucked".

    It would make sense if you had to follow this person for them to be able to invite you to share your opinion.
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  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa
    Oh. Thank you very much. This is so enlightening. I had been wondering why people invited me to their sexual questions 3 times a day whilst my header and my profile notes clearly I lack knowledge of such topic.

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  • Zelda_5
    It should or the rules should change so you have to be following the other person as well as them following you to invite somebody. I've been invited to terribly inappropriate questions either where you answer you experience or give your opinion on something with extremely disturbing pictures. I just block people who invite me to inappropriate questions and don't answer.
  • 1stranger
    Aaa, is there such a setting? Although I'm not an important person, I was thinking why do people invite me to their questions😄. I get it now, Amanda.. Thanks
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  • Juxtapose
    *"In the mobile app you cannot delete a notification without first opening it, so every single notification has to be opened, thereby wasting loads of time just to clear notifications"

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    • VIVANT

      You can just click mark as read.

    • VIVANT

      Ohh nvm I see what’s happening.. so many you can’t even see them all

      No wonder I keep kissing private messages lol

      Yeah this is not good.

      Need a “ I don’t want any automatic invite notifications” option

    • Gagname

      @VIVANT great suggestion about needing an “I don’t want any automatic invite notifications” option!

  • I hate the fact that when I ask a question, it automatically invites theones I follow. GaG last year was way better than today.
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    • AmandaYVR

      Yep, stupid.
      Make sure you change your setting. How to, above.

  • douride2
    WOW what the actual Fuck was GAG thinking. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I just went and updated my settings. My notifications haven't been blown up so I would imagine most are getting the message to turn this off.
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  • Jjpayne
    Thank you for this mytake! All my feelings exactly! Thanks for the shoutout! and finally thanks for telling me how to turn that darn thing off :)
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    • Jjpayne

      Hallelujah! My account has been cleansed! Thank you again Amanda!

    • Iron_Man

      Now that you have done all the Halloween questions it’s now time for you to make all the new Thanksgiving questions and show all the Thanksgiving movies starting with trains, planes and automobiles. Oh yeah don’t forget the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving TV special

    • Iron_Man

      Please if you can try to invite me to all your Thanksgiving questions

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  • nerdybutlazy
    Agreed, I get the weirdest question notifications now
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  • msc545
    This Force setting is a bad idea. I absolutely agree with you. We should be able to pick and choose who we want to answer our questions or at least who we want to invite to answer our questions
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  • clampfan101
    Me: Wow, 56 notifications! I wonder if I got a reply on my last post? Let’s see. 1 comment Like, 1 post update, 27 new posts and... 27 invites from those exact 27 posts?
    ... Well, I got a Like.
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  • whatdoyouwantt
    I don’t mind it tbh I like it so I don’t have to select everyone manually
  • honestGUY45
    Solution: Don't follow, and don't accept followers.
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  • Iron_Man
    I was wondering what’s up I’ve been getting invites from everybody
  • Jamie05rhs
    Can you receive automatic notifications from people that are not following you?
    • AmandaYVR

      Users can invite you manually, even if not following you.

      Now they can automatically invite everyone in their follow list.

      So there won't be a way to know which of those two groups you fall into.

    • AmandaYVR

      Hey Jamie I just realized - within the app, it does not allow you to invite a person who you are not already following. When I tried to do that it said something like, "No user found." I have no idea! In the web version of the site, you can manually type in a user's name and send an invite.
      Sorry about that misinformation.

    • Okay. Thanks.

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