Girls are not valued if they aren't beautiful: Is it true?


All these videos have two things in common-a booty-shakin’ beat and hot girls. Beyoncé said it herself in #Flawless- in this society, girls are taught to compete for a man’s attention. It is considered a fact that guys go by looks when determining whether or not they are interested in a girl. Most of the “role models” of society are physically attractive people or people who are made up attractively (such as Oprah).

When I went to the mall, many of the little girls were wearing clothes hugging their tiny bodies, imitating older women and 20 year olds who were also wearing bold, voluptuous clothing. The girls pressure their mothers to wear makeup, and the girls who are permitted to wear makeup are esteemed highly. Time, money, and tears are spent on working out, make-up, crying, talking, and giggling about relationships. I’m not saying these things are bad. Yet I’m also not saying they are good either. Most importantly, girls are told they must be beautiful otherwise they probably will end up as old maids, without a boyfriend, or be continuously asked “You are still a virgin?!?”

I can say as an attractive female, there has been a lot of pressure to conform to this behavior. People describe me as curvaceous, pretty, sweet, stylish. Girls told me they wanted to steal my wardrobe, most of the guys I know like me, there are jealous girls aplenty... I could go on and on. You are rolling your eyes, aren’t you? Let me tell you, there is nothing special about me.

People have also called be fat, big legged, stuck-up, fat baby..i could go on and on. I used to workout a lot, cover every inch of my face with make-up, like every guy who liked me, skip meals, cry and over-eat at night, talk about my fake “boyfriend,” then I realized something. I will never fit the standards, because in this society, there is NO standards. Skinny and voluptuous are both wanted figures. Some men prefer white, black, or Asian women.

I realized if I didn’t create my own standards I would be chasing the wind. So I made an effort to dress more modestly. I wear less make-up, and I am not ashamed of my blemishes. I still workout, but it’s not for that cute guy, my obsessive mother, the girl who still calls me fat. It’s for me. And hey, I still like it when the cute guy smiles at me, the girl tells me she likes my outfit, or when my mom asks me “Are you eating honey?” But if no one found me attractive, I could walk around and have my own unique goals and aspirations that are not so superficial.

So girls (and guys), don’t despair. You may think you are the ugliest in the world, but you are beautiful. Colbie Calliat says it best..

Girls are not valued if they aren't beautiful: Is it true?
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  • kheserthorpe
    I think there's quite a bit of truth in this.

    If you look back traditionally at what made people eligible marriage partners, women were supposed to be:
    - pretty
    - chaste
    - sweet and well mannered
    - young

    While we may not obviously demand those things as much as we used to, we still praise those things and look for them... and when people want to insult a woman, they run down the opposte:
    - ugly
    - slut
    - bitch
    - old

    Men? They were expected to be confident, masculine, financially secure, sexually capable. We might claim those things aren't as required now, but the stock insults for men?
    - loser
    - pussy/(insert homophobic slur here)
    - "living in your mother's basement"
    - "virgin"
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    • ylime23

      I kind of agree with you but girls get called virgin and loser too just like guys get called ugly and old. also 'pussy/(insert homophobic slur here)' is offensive to women and queer people.

    • @ylime23 in your first part agree but not nearly as much.

      In the offensiveness I concur (actually I find the entire list offensive when actually used in an insulting manner).

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  • GirlsLie
    Beautiful and attractive are such subjective terms though, different people are attracted to different types of women. If most women take care of themselves properly, try to look cute, dress nice then they're mostly likely going to be attractive in some way.

    Men love variety, I don't understand why women can't appreciate that about themselves. Women need to stop being dumb enough to keep continuing to choose to compete with each other and compare themselves and each other, they're only adding to the problem.
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    • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous
    I do believe it is very true yes. Less physically attractive women doesn't get valued as much as beautiful women, but I guess the same goes for men.
    • Anonymous

      It is true for both genders, but especially women