How to get your crush to chase you: A girl who is being chased is different from a girl who is playing hard to get

How to get your crush to chase you: A girl who is being chased is different from a girl who is playing hard to get

The tension, the flirting: there are many ways a guy chasing a girl can be fun. Guys have chased me, sometimes for years, and I didn’t even realize how I was doing. Some guys seemed really irresistible to me, and I didn’t know why. There are many ways you can make a guy or a girl magnetized, no matter how shy you are.

Don’t play hard to get: It is easy see through that, and nobody likes it. But what you can do is just not care. I know some of you might be infatuated. I understand that, I’ve definitely been there. But realize that the man or woman of your dreams isn’t perfect and isn’t necessary to your life and think about other things.

Take it slow: This is the most powerful way to entrance someone. When you show on one aspect of yourself, and then you suddenly another side of you like playful, gentle, or funny etc. When a person does that, it makes them feel like there’s more to you. Like they have only seen the tip of the iceberg. For example, I am seem shy. I making myself speak out more, and showed my humorous side, speaking in public, playing the piano. Then I began to receive a lot of attention. It was almost ridiculous.

Look and feel good: I know this sounds cliché, but beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. If you put effort into looking nice, be kind…someone will find you attractive. It’s just life. A tip for you shy guys and girls: Always dress nicely, and be near your crush with your friends. That is the best time to be yourself, it’s easy to relax around your close friends. Initially I didn’t like a shy guy. He began to dress in a manner that complimented him and when I saw him talking animatedly with his friends, I felt a little flutter. The combination of elegance and him showing another side of himself fascinated me. The same works for girls, when I talk and joke around with my friends, guys would approach me or brush against me.

Don’t be desperate: If the guy/girl seems aloof or doesn’t pay you any mind when they usually are all over you, don’t despair. They may have had an argument with a family member or a friend. Just give them space, they will enjoy you more if you are not all over them. I see this a lot when the girl/guy must receive a text from their significant other every hour or so explaining what they are doing, where they are.. Seriously? The last thing your crush needs is a body guard. Eventually, they will resent you if you are attempting to control them.
The combination of all of these things is the best way to make anyone chase you without manipulating or playing hard to get. Get ready to be chased!


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  • I'm not chasing girls anymore, I feel like when I do it ends up in them getting a huge ego boost and start playing hard to get. Then when you stop chasing they try to come to you, asking if you're mad, asking friends why I don't chase her no more, blah blah blah.
    Every relationship I've had I did no chase, but every time I chased they took it too far, and I don't have time to be playing the chasing game for months. I like the chasing when it gets me somewhere, but every time it gets me nowhere because they're having too much fun with the whole thing of being chased. The chasing game is fun, but it has to lead to dating and a relationship, if you just want the chase, then go find someone else.

    • Do people in Spain have a dating phase before relationships or did you have to learn about the dating phase in the states?

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    • I heard there is a difference between having dates and dating, and dating supposedly has a set of unspoken rules between daters that may or may not be the same for every 'dating couple'

    • @bubble_tea for me dating has always been the same as a relationship, but when I came to the US it seems that dating is the previous step of being in a relationship. But now, dating is what you describe a couple that go on dates, but aren't yet exclusive.

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  • Chased? What if you're not good at running?

    • Imao good one. :))

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  • Well although we are no longer as animals so much as we have imaginations that allowed us to think our way out of just being instinctual and doing every thing on a don't imagine ill go spend the day chasing that cute little red headed skirt I've had my eye on for the past hundren years or so... No now its Hey HoLmZ who's that hot little Hooker over there I see Running around the Rancho , I musta seen 15 dudeS iN HeR asS aNd sHe JusT ruNNing aRound iN A Big circLe TiLL sHe dONe RaN TheRe diCKs iNTo ThE diRT... Yea I Heard all aBouT iT what a bunch of sTupid aaFuckS...
    Hey but I got it all figured. out I'm gONNa gO iN aNd HavE ah? WhaT was her name? Oh Tha'd bE ThaT HaPPy LiTTLe HooKeR nOT oNe oF ThEsE LiTTLe BoY giRLz wE HaVe aRouNd HeRe HaS bEEn aBeL 2 caTcH ThaT HoT LiTTLe TricKey BiTcH iLL TeLL U WHaT ThAT LiTTLe FiLLy iS gONNa BE oNe gOOd piEce oF asS oNCe sHe gETs cAUghT I FigURE wHy OnCe sHe Finds oUT HoW gOOd sHe cAn RidE a ReaL cOCk aNd sHe'LL Be RuNNiNg ezm aLL RighT iNTo HeR oLe dADDys sTaBLes. And yOu KnoW ThaT oNes gOIng 2 bE suM dam goOd sTocK... yep u mighT waNNa warnder dn yonder aNd ponder HeR assunder From yo dN under Mr wonder boy Thunder hunter gathering sTud MuFFiN sTuFFiNg FoOL...
    Women Resist 2be conquered 👧 nono oh now u mister stud muffin 👢🍒👗👜 💕❤💋 u better SToP ThaT soMe MoRe RighT NoW... ..
    MeN pursue to conquer That's why siLLy LiTTLe FiLLys... u best be maken em chase your hot Little butts...
    K 💞✋ 🏁 Ready ,🙋 on yo mark 👊 g👀👏 and there she goes 🏃 🚶,💃🏂🌊🌉🌉🌋🌊🏂🏄🏊🌊 go trickey
    🙌🙋🙏🙆 yea!

  • I asked my crush out and she said no. I said that we could go for an ice cream and then get to know each other better, she rejected me.
    Later in some whatsapp convo, she found out that i had a positive attitude towards her rejection (i said that there was nothing to lose for me, and only to win). I said something like: "see! You're getting to know me better now!" she replied with: "haha. Right".
    Im really sure in the fact that when she gets to know me, she may like me more. Im a bit of a shy guy, and not really confident, although I've been told im funny, and the girl said i was positive. I have more good traits (i think), but she can only 'discover' them, when she gets to know me better.
    So, are there any ways i can let her subconsciously get to know me better. I dont contact her often anymore, but she should still message me/talk to me once somewhere this year. Also, i can talk to other people (guys and girls) in the same group, so she indirectly gets to know me better.

    Can you help me?

    • It's good you didn't get upset when she rejected you. She probably sees you as a mature young adult. Is there a way you could hang out with her friends when she is there? If possible, don't try and hit on her, but treat her as a friend just so she gets to know you better.

    • Yep ill treat her as a friend i think. Seems the best option for me

  • and dont literally chase her like in the picture guys.

  • Chasing girls isn't fun, it's the lesser of two evils: go after her or be alone. There's nothing fun about it.

  • Damn who's that girl in the picture, she's pretty hot..

  • What about if a girl chased a guy

    • Technically, Girls shouldn't "chase a guy." However, they can be in the man's line of vision and be as appealing as she can to him.

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    • Girls shouldn't chase guys? So there's a rule to dating now?

    • She would be screwed. Everyone knows a girl could never catch a man in a full out sprint.

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