This is the reason why I regret about the websites I used as a teen, since many people asked me "why I regret"

This is gonna be 1 of the most self-shaming topics I guess...and I want to share my the description's gonna be kinda long for my standards...and I'm gonna drop the "texting language" and "basicallies" just for the sake of this post, in order to make it more let's go....

This is the reason why I regret about the websites I used as a teen, since many people asked me

To begin with, chances to "trigger" GAG via some search engine, is by searching for websites about relationships/dating advice (the original purpose of GAG) or search for similar keywords like for example "does he/she like me?", in order to make GAG pop-up in your search engine.

So for a guy like me who's not into this relationships/dating thing, chances to trigger GAG are minimum.

I was really LUCKY that I had some issue (yes i'm talking about my notorious thing about shrinking in height. I was very desperate about this 2 years ago) and thanks to Google, GAG popped up (I googled "how to shrink in height" or sth similar)

Oh well anyway...Ironically topics about relationships and dates were never my thing....And those questions about those stuff made me feel bored tbh. But GAG made me love them, and now I've learned some things about each gender's behavior when they are in a relationship!

Anyway, as I've mentioned numerous times here lately, I really REALLY hate those websites I used before joining GAG and I believe I wasted my time in them EVEN if they were closer to my original interests.

The main reasons are:

- The people in those websites were dull compared with GAG's crowd

- They were older than my age most of them, and I used to fake my age because of it.

- During my teens I used to find teen crowd dull, and prefer having conversations with adults who were over 30. Now I rather have conversations with teens than adults tbh. I really regret about it, otherwise I'd embrace sites with teen crowd by the time.

- Most of them were guys. Really regret about it as well, because it's interesting to see females' point of view in some community.

- No "real" benefit from the use of these websites. And by that I mean "no Gift Cards"

So I believe I wasted my years there ,instead of using GAG. But you would ask me...."How the hell would you trigger GAG if you're not into relationships/dating advice sites?"

There comes I realise that yahoo-answers is the 2nd best site after GAG, but by the time I was teen, I found it kinda silly, because I prefered by the time having "serious conversations" with those dull people (as I see them now, from my current point of view) So if I used yahoo-answers, they might suggest me GAG as an alternative....and there you have it.

If I embraced by the time this Q&A thing that I considered silly back then (fuck!) then now, I might have ended up in GAG much earlier, and might have earned tons of gift cards, instead of wasting my best years having conversations with stupid dump people (who were over 35 most of them) about politics and religions....earning NOTHING. Now I don't give a shit about those topics.

And no I'm not only interested in earning Xper and Gift Cards, as some people assume here. Yeah I'm interested about those stuff as well (who doesn't eh? ) but not only. I love the people around here, even if we have argued some times.

If there's 1 mistake in my life I won't forgive is this....the fact that I didn't try to search about GAG earlier. And by the fact that my mindset was totally FUCKED UP during my teens/early adulthood.

Not to mention that I wasn't as active as I'm now when I joined GAG...Another mistake that I terribly regret. Back then when I joined Q&A sites were kinda "inaccessible" to me, since I was more used to fora (forums), and I had a hard time getting used to this form. It took me like a full year to start being an active GAGer and getting familiar with the crowd here.

And now the best I can do is to devote myself here, all day and night, to make-up for my lost years.

Devoting myself here in GAG I feel like my soul's getting cleansed day by day...but damn, still my internet past haunts me....shit, I wish I could erase it.

Ooooh well, enough self-shaming...back to GAG now.

Love you all and thanks for spending your time reading it. <3


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  • Honestly? How is investing that much time on GAG would help you in real life?

    I think your priority should be to improve your real life, not your internet presence... That just sounds... sad. Just sayin.

    • Sad,? Y?

      As i said i feel happy being here

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  • There is no time like the present, Klaatu!


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  • Lol cool Take :)

    We all have regrets. GAG is a great place. Rewards are the benefit. But the best thing I found on here was the diversity in people and making lots of good friends. I met lots of Muslims on here too so that's a plus too. Most of them from different races to mine so it allowed me to learn about different cultures.

    You think you wasted your time but now you are on GAG so make the most of it :)

  • I really liked reading this. I'm glad you've found your little haven here in GaG and don't worry, I've wasted plenty of time on websites, giving my time to help the admins improve their website. I was pretty much vice admin on one before he completely went mad at me for something stupid and banned me. All of those hours were wasted and it surprisingly hurt. It's nice to have found GaG and I feel like I'm not on tender hooks here. The community is a lot nicer here, definitely.

    • if i could give a MHO, then i'd give 2 u basically ^_^

      nice 2 see that i'm not alone, although i was never a mod/admin or sth,... just regular user in those (bleeeh) communities... my teen mind ws fucked up... really o_O

  • awee love you! hahah!

  • that was interesting!
    ironically, i stumbled upon this site due to my height issues too. your comments were outrageous by the way.
    i am glad you are happy now

    • Basically im glad i had thks issue otherwise id never find GAG maybe ; -)


  • That website must have been some fucked up shit

    • u mean the previous sites? basically by then i considered them "normal"... now i don't wanna even remember em... at least i can "fool" myself i wasn't this guy under this nickname, since i never had any pics there...:-/

  • Awww Master Klaatu51 we love you too, basically

    You spend a lot of time on this website as well so I'm sure you've made up for all the time "lost"

    I offer you my best wishes basically

    • Thanks. Yeah i think so... but still it will take some time

  • So you wish you were on gag the whole time? Wow..

    • yeah... the better the more... but anyway i believe i've already spend more time in GAG even than some much older users

    • *the more the better

  • I love you Klaatu!

    Hey, tell me how I look in my new dress, ok?

    • Thanks

      Pretty good i believe it suits u basically : -)

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  • Great take, I agree... completely :)

  • There are plenty of decades left in your life. You already, are spending 10 times more time than an average user here.

    Even I found GAG on Google, apart from these relationships thing. I don't know how I came here.

    • Hahaha yeah indeed... but even if im alive... i cannot guarantee if GAG will b as well.

      U were lucky that u found it as well

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    • I have a source which tells that which words are most used to find GAG on search engines.

      Ask a question on GAG. I'll answer it there. And we'll see what people think about it :)

    • ok dude... i will do it later since i've passed the 5 questions/day limit

  • You have my support and best wishes.

  • Honestly i get where your're coming, But I j honestly preferred Yahoo answers...
    There may not be as much of a young , Vibrant and energetic community there like gag.

    But the questions there are more varied, compared to the constant sexual and relationship questions here that make me feel sick...

    I prefer to have historical, philospical and general knowledge qeustions. i think i may delete this and go back to yahoo

  • Google redirected me here too one time. I like it. This webside has opened quite a few eyes for me too m8. So I'm not the only one with a similar experience of yours ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because dulls don't talk serious both in RL and on the internet.

    Still, dulls can show up some time on GAG too. You will recognize them.

    • Yes GAG is educative somehow... learnt some things here

  • Wow! Its cool to see you open up about yourself like that! I'm glad you found GaG. You're a big part of the community here.
    Funny side note: when I first joined, I thought you were annoying AF, but you and your bold uniqueness and abstract wit have won me over. You're now one of my favorite G@Gers basically. ;-)

  • Interesting story...