AP's Interview with the Founding Father of GAG

A lot of people wonder whether Tolga is a Muslim (since he is a Turk). So I asked:

Are you a Muslim? Yes

When you got the notion of starting GAG did you think it'll get such a tremendous amount of visitors?

It was apparent that there was a need for girls and guys to help each understand & explain each other. But I didn't think 12 million people every month would be coming to participate when I first started

[A lot of other sites like Yahoo Answers is similar to GAG but GAG is different from all of them through rewarding its members with giftcards etc for their time spent on here]. What made you decide to reward GAG's members?

GAG makes money from placing advertisements around the content so it's only fair to reward the users who share the best of the best. Helping others is a great motivation but when you quantify that with rewards that feels even better.

Are you involved in the selection process of choosing Admins, Mods/ Supermods for the site?

Has GAG helped you personally?

Multiple times on different situations, sometimes anonymously

Do you think GAG is meeting its purpose?

Definitely, otherwise it wouldn't have gotten this big and be in 4 languages. We still have room to improve in order to show the most relevant questions and mytakes to the right user at the right time.

List some pros and cons of GAG i.e what you like about it / what you don't

If you really care about yourself and others, GaG is a great place to help yourself and others. That's what I love about GaG, as long as you genuinely care you can make an impact. On the other hand, I don't like trolls and spam as do everyone. But it bothers me more than most, knowing that the time it takes to keep those away is eating into our time to support and improve other great things.
We need a mobile app that will be coming soon!

Do you think GAG still needs improvement?

Yes, one improvement will be to track quantity, especially with MHO to reward users who give the best advice more and more. Also we will implement more rewarding for accurately reporting posts that needs to be removed in order to keep GaG clea, safe and non-judgemental

In terms of the rewards you offer what made you choose these specific rewards. Is there a story behind it? Or was it random?

Amazon has anything and everything and we did not want to limit the gift type, instead let our users choose whatever they want. Also Raven and potentially new non-profits are great as well since they fit to the mission of GaG, helping each other, even if it is anonymous.

A sneak peak from the lifestyle of the Tolga we all want to know!

What do you do in your free time? (There's a joke on gag that you count money you make from gag lol)

Certainly not counting money, but I do count number of questions, myTakes and opinions given every day.

What are your hobbies?

I work a lot but I do play soccer and travel quite a bit. I also watch House or Friends reruns in order to put me to sleep

Are you friends with anyone from GAG?

I used to be but I haven't been as active lately to keep that going. You actually reminded me with these questions that I should be

AP's Interview with the Founding Father of GAG

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  • Do you even realize that the first step towards interviewing an individual is not to ask him about his religion?
    Didn't you see he just answered in a one word "Yes" to that question when you asked him about his religion. Surely he was not prepared for that and nobody expects a personal question of that sort
    everyone knows you wear your religion on your sleeve and tries to show that you are somewhat superior to other human beings.
    But trying to act so hunky-dory just because the religion is same as yours is ridiculous. As a young 20 year old stop bringing religion into everything around.

    • It was a simple question big flipping deal. If you don't like my Take don't comment on it.

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    • "There is absolutely no one on this website who displays their religion so proudly as you. All you are doing is showing people of others faith is "you know everything" and indirectly causing deep hatred and mistrust towards other Islamic followers from fellow users. P. S stop being the representative of the Islamic faith on here with your interpretation and expert advise."

      I'm not sure how you got all of that from a simple question, i'm not defending the question one way or another but your assumptions from it are really ridiculous and this is coming from someone who isn't Muslim.

      Also why can she not express her faith freely, she doesn't speak for everyone like you said and myself and plenty of others are perfectly capable of understanding that she doesn't speak for the entire Islamic faith so the same could be said about you, for speaking for others around you.

    • Girlslie... Firstly i need not prove my religious affiliation to you or to anybody else. Secondly, you can use your philosophical rant on something else. Lastly looking at your name i give you the benefit of doubt.

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