Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable


Now, I will do a myTake on the girls next week.

I just want to show my appreciation for the men folk out there. For decades, the men have been scapegoats by quite a lot of women. But no matter what, not all of them are bad.

Here is why I think that guys are absolutely adorable and why I love them.

1) They are sassy

I have now come to the conclusion that no matter what they are faced with, they will hit you double with sass. I find guys have the best comebacks. Even the quiet ones will surprise you with sass. Any guy can outsass the most bitchiest, horrid female and still look cute. If I win an argument against a guy, this is the biggest compliment for me.

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable.

2) They are creative

Face it, it is in their innate nature that guys can work with anything. And when I mean anything, I mean anything. When they don't have something, no problem! They will make it! It might be unconventional, but they never fail to make me laugh.

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

3) They know how to have fun

Guys are extremely creative when it comes to having fun. They dont need a lot of money to have a good time. I have a lot of guy friends and I have never had a day when I haven't rolled on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes because of them.

They are daring, they take anything by the horns, and they laugh at anything.

4) Most of them forgive easily and never hold a grudge

When guys get into fights, they just beat each other up, get over it, and become mates again. They are like cats!

5) They hook you up with their friends if you think that they are cute

Yesterday, I thought one guy was absolutely hot and my guy friend went up to him and gave him my number! SO girls, take a guy as your wingman. They know how to make things happen!

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

6) They fix things

The other day, I was being an absolute moron and put my gear on D with my car off and parked. So my car couldn't start. I was crying like an absolute baby. So this guy comes up to me and asks me whats wrong and before I could answer, he reached into my car and fixed it.

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable

7) They are brave

In the face of adversity, they know how to handle their shit. I was in Queensland and this moron was going off at everyone. 3 guys went up him and greased him off. He never bothered anyone again. And don't forget that the majority of them are enlisted so I always pray for their safety. I know a lot of women are enlisted too but again, women are next week. Please be patient. This is a celebration for guys at the moment. Guys have "YOLO" in their heads every second.


8) They are confident. Every...one...of...them

No matter how ugly a guy is, they will ALWAYS ask a girl who is out of their league out. And I find it admirable. I wish I was like that confident.

9) They don't bitch when someone finds them attractive and can take a compliment

I have wolfwhistled at a guy many times and they always turn and thank me. They take compliments, they never feel that they are objectified sexually.

There you have it. I love guys so much. Everything that they do is right.

So, keep at it lads! Keep making girls like me love you more and more each day.

Why I love, appreciate and think that guys are adorable
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  • Ozanne

    Nice myTake :) Love the shopping cart grill. Come hell or high water they will do anything for a good steak! :)

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  • Klaatu51

    sorry but i found this pretty generalizin... this doesn't apply to all guys, since not ALL guys r like dat. i'd say here u describe mostly yer "ideal" type of guy.

    for xample, if u've never met ANY non-confident guy or a non-brave guy... guess we r livin in separate planets o_O

    no offence here indeed... but this is definetely false to think all or even most, guys fall into this description

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  • PiuBelloAmante

    I love his mytake it was funny honest cute and a big ego boost!
    You sound like an awesome girl to be friends with!!!
    I think all your male friends know that! And they try to hook u up with hunky men! Double score!

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  • WesTheGuru

    This is a refreshing mytake. Most of these are something like "Why guys fail getting women" or "What guys lack the most". Refreshing to see some positivity on this site for a change.

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  • tyber1

    I should point out that anyone intending to use their guy friend as a wingman: MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU.

    I'm not usually a fan of turning on Caps Lock but it'd be very hurtful if a girl I liked tried to use me to get sex... with a different man.

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  • FatherJack

    Love this take & thank you for appreciating us , makes a very pleasant change from being vilified for having as Y chromosome. We need more lovely , positive ladies like you !!

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  • ThreeMonkeys

    Eh interesting to see a Cinderella picture of a male in general. I think there is a lot of stereotyping in here. I would say most men abuse women but then most women are no angels either and quite catty.

  • AleDeEurope

    Never thought I was gonna see this kind of thing here in GAG, but thanks!

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  • Watermelonoma

    first non anti-male take I've read in a long time. Nice

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  • The_Technomancer

    Really nice MyTake. Good to know there are some women out there who really appreciate us guys.

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  • PT1911

    See this is what GaG needs:

    Fun, well spirited, articles that honestly make you smile when reading them.

    Nice job! :)

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  • bgrgbgrg

    wow someone who is not a femenazi... i wish more women were like this

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    • JuicyBrain

      Look around, they are everywhere. You only choose to see what you want. Also, not being an ass-kisser does not mean being a feminazi. In this case, she wrote an ode to us. But I know her just enough to know she won't mess around with you. She will chew you up and spit you out. Doesn't mean @starfishlover is not a nice woman, it just means she won't take bullshit. Like any other great women out there who are not feminazis or docile little pets.

  • phanindra554plus

    girls rarely appreciate us , that sucks me every time anyway thanks for this take :-)

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  • chuppachup

    I'm so sad that I don't meet all of these expectations.

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    • Pat8707

      Neither do I... But one day, we will strike back and destroy the nooOOORRRRMMMMIEEEEESSSS! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  • James19

    I always find your takes interesting and good. This one made me feel good people still exist in this world. I hope more guys become like this and more girls become like you to appreciate us.

  • Bandit74

    haha I loved the pictures

    especially the bike/scooter hybrid 😂

  • creepycreeper

    Good luck coming up with this many pros for women hun. :P

  • Avalon4

    I'm glad someone appreciates us, all I ever hear is guy bashing and complaining.

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  • QuestionMan

    That video lol they've never heard of herring before

  • Unit1

    Thank you for these kind points :) I appreciate such positive topics.

    I always respect ladies, that are reasonable and more. You are reasonable and maybe even more.
    Especially the one's, that seek independence and work on their own.

    My personal opinion is, that no one initially deserves to be treated like dirt. Or be scapegoats or anything, that ruins the mood. Guys blaming girls and vice versa, generalization, stereotypes etc. This seriously must stop.

    I wish you luck for your next take about why to love, appreciate and adore girls :) I'll be wait for it (if I don't miss it).

    Don't mind the trolls, they are no better than the average and basically fail ;)

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