Reason why men chase you when you don't give a f***.


Men like it if you ignore them and ghost them. They will swoon over you and they will go fight over you if you do this.

Reason why men chase you when you don't give a f***.
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  • MzAsh
    Men want what they can’t have.
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    • Anonymous

      That's why you can blame them for harassment.

    • @MzAsh how do you know this?

    • this video is totally not right and spreading false bullshit,
      i only chase what i can have, or else what is the point of trying?

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • ChronicThinker
    They will if they're mentally ill or stupid. I wouldn't chase your ass.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I get that human nature is complicated and murky, and even the most extreme statements often contain a grain of truth when viewed in the correct context.

    But I just have no interest in a girl who ignores or ghosts me.

    And frankly, I've never known women to be more attracted to a guy who bends over backwards to placate her vague, noncommittal, hot-and-cold behaviour.

    Y'all THINK you want a man to qualify himself to you and pursue you a lot, and you'll even pull away on purpose just to make him jump through more hoops. But when a guy actually takes the bait and does all that, you lose attraction to him, because he's weak enough to be manipulated by your B. S.

    All the guys I've met who have the most success with hooking up with women/ getting dates are the guys who can effectively "flip the script" and get the woman to invest and chase, while also having a masculine vibe and moving things towards the result they want (usually sex, but sometimes romance/ dating etc if the girl is exceptional).

    But of course, women wanna feel empowered in this age of feminist doctrine, so they tell themselves "men want a woman who ignores them", because it delays the inevitable fact that sooner or later, you'll have to actually put yourself on the line if you wanna keep the right guy around for the long haul. And you're afraid that if he sees you as you really are, he might reject you on that basis. So you avoid that possible outcome altogether by just ghosting him and putting the onus on him to brute-force a connection out of thin air. And if he fails in that-- or more likely, just moves on to a more receptive girl-- then you get to tell yourself "oh he just wasn't man enough to handle a woman like me".

    Just accept that if you want a connection with another person, then you have to carry that flag of yours loud and proud, and put it out to the world that you're open to discovering that connection. Quality men don't chase women who ignore them-- they have too many other options! Why would Leonardo DiCaprio or some other high status, high-achiever male chase some girl he meets in a club who then ghosts him on all their plans and acts like a bitch... when he can have his pick of model-looking girls who keep his stomach full and balls empty without even being asked?
  • jadspop
    Yeah. That's kind of a sexist notion that that's how all guys are. It dose happen yes. But it's not like it's 80% of the time. Sometimes people just want what they can't have. Goes for both genders. And some don't handle rejection well enough and have to prove there good enough. But often in those cases when they get what they want they lose interest.
  • Cythera
    No they don’t. They hold grudges though. My boyfriend now tried to hit me up on different occasions. The first time he did I felt like what he was saying was cringe. Then he kept replying to my snaps and eventually I started talking with him. I did ghost him like 2 cause I felt I wasn’t good enough but he kept trying and now I love this guy
  • Evilcharlie
    That whole concept of men wanting what they can't have, women playing hard to get is just some reverse psychology trick that some women have too use when their "P's" are over due for a tune up. For me women that play mind games is a deal breaker. Women that start out playing mind games will just continue till she get tired of playing & moves on or you get tired of being played & moves her on.
  • AmandaYVR
    I'm not even going to watch this video. There's no point.

    This is complete crap you're peddling. Any good woman who has self respect, and who respects the other gender, would not play these games. You're just feeding into the problems (watering the crops with 'Brondo'), exacerbating the divide, fuelling this stupid 'gender war'. You think you have a leg up here, you've found a hack, but you're one of the reasons things are the way they are right now.

    Young ladies who are on the fence... don't listen to this. It's destructive behaviour. It will not end well.

    Men, not all women think this way. We are with you, not against you.

    And p. s., anon pink - if you're so proud of what you think here, why did you anon it? Nvm, don't answer that.
    • Anonymous

      How much did the misogynists pay you to write such bulls***?

    • AmandaYVR

      I've got my own mind and no one's going to tell me how to think. I'm here to remind the guys that not all women are bat shit crazy or manipulative bitches.

      Is it cozy up there in your ivory tower?


    • mk200195

      Haha good one Amanda! 🥂

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  • RickPen
    Why would I bother pursuing someone disinterested? Doing so would indicate low expectations of myself, as well as having time to waste on such activities. I have never, and will never chase someone down. If they want a relationship, it can be mutual or not at all. If they're interested, they can show it like a healthy person, and not act paranoid or manipulative.
  • Insightfull
    I strongly disagree.
    If a woman plays hard to get, then they won't get me. I'll move on to someone who is interested.

    Ghosting and ignoring someone is incredibly disrespectful. It sends the clear message that they are not worth the slightest bit of your effort. I lose respect and love for a woman who does this.

    I have solved my problem with being ignored, and come up with a saying:
    "Sure, you don't have to respond, and I don't have to like you"
  • justjoshokc
    F**k that stupid s**t. If she isn't interested, moving on. Head games are for the wealthy and immature.
    • Anonymous


    • crazy8000

      Apart of wealthy spot on.

      People like to hear what sounds good to easier buy it. human stupidity of a low developed mind.

    • @crazy8000 Make that the immature and bored?

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  • Napoli
    I think this is true for immature guys and players... not so much for people who don't have time for bullshit mind games, or for people who don't have time for them.
    You may get their attention, but you won't necessarily keep it.

    For most people, someone either likes you or they don't. Who really enjoys wasting energy trying to figure it out?
    For every person playing hard to get, there is someone who doesn't mind making it clear.
  • Doctor_Strix
    Sure, if you’re into Chads and guys who like to play games. Just don’t come back on here asking, “why can’t I find love?”.
  • YHL6965
    And then you wonder where all these single women in their 30s come from... Playing games will get you nowhere. Only those who take dating and relationships seriously and put work into them will ever get something good.
  • Pejtu
    Only dudes who chase this kind of women are stupid beta cucks

    U never let woman play games with you
    She is either "yours" or she is not "yours"
    And u move forward you will find another one
  • Joe_Barbaro
    First of all, advertising YouTube videos is not a myTake. And men don't chase women who don't care, teenage boys do. So not only is your post not a post, but your point could not be more wrong. Please don't publish any more shit like this
  • Lynx122
    I actually want a girl who likes me a lot. When a girl doesn't care about me and I like her then it just makes me feel bad and I'll get away from her if I can. I dont like chasing after girls at all.
  • Vince45
    Haha yep everyone has had to go through this i wanted this one specific girls' friendship just friendship and 1st week was all good then bam that up there happened lol i started to loose myself a little wondering what i did wrong kinda cruel tactic by the way haha and well my solution was for me to distance myself a little too and now it was the other way but now we are bffs... life is a tootsie pop
  • litty
    Yeaaaah maybe if you want to attract stalkers who don't take no for a reason. As for the decent guys, they're too busy getting on with life to waste time on you.
  • FatherJack
    Really? Men , tending to be logical minded , plus most of us are used to rejection will return the favour and not give a F*** themselves , in most cases , she will be forgotten and the man has moved on. It has the reverse effect in reality !!
  • genericname85
    because you are slender and have big tits, a fat ass or a nice looking face. don't take it personally. it's not like they care for whether you care or not or whether they even notice what you're doing or not. it's just about your body anyway.
  • pocketman
    I don't know if this guy knows the terms he's using. People who don't G. A. F. are careless, don't have limits, no morals, no self control, unpredictable. This is Unattractive.

    Carefree people on the other hand, depict more a young heart, open mindedness, stress free attitude, optimism. This is attractive.
  • Thatsamazing
    Lol um... no. This guy is an idiot-- his entire message is null and void as, by his own admission, what he is saying only works if the guy in question is already at least kind of into the girl in question. If he's not into her already, this doesn't work. At all. So...
  • MackToday
    LOL send your money to this foul mouthed moron, what a class act you'll be with him on your side. If a girl says no to me it's no and I don't pursue it any further.
  • hsshannah96
    No no no

    I’m not playing childish games

    if they’re the type to go for it I am running far away

    absolutely not
  • NineBreaker
    What you're describing is the forbidden fruit concept. It's true for people generally. However, when it comes to relationships, for us men, it's actually a very, very, very small exception to the rule.

    We (generally) do not like being ignored because that is the default setting. We are the ones expected to approach first, and suck it up when we get rejected, which for the overwhelming majority of men, happens the overwhelming majority of the time.

    For the women who believe this BS: You are entitled to your beliefs and opinions. You think he'll chase you when you ignore him, by all means. Just don't be surprised when ignoring someone you're interested in backfires. My advice is: grow up and stop playing games. You don't like when neem play games with you, so don't fo the same stupid thing.
  • Zweihander
    Not at all true. I think girls that want me to fight and swoon over them are disgusting.
  • Piteka5
    That seems illogical, all evidence points to men being way less picky when it comes to partners and regarding an average girl as just fine, ususaly girls have way higher standards, that's how evolution made us. Women carry a baby, so they ain't gonna have it with just some random dude, while guys can (if they have luck) generate offspring only with one copulation, meaning they are not biologically constrained to be more careful
    • litty

      You forget about girls that will fuck just about anything and anyone without using BC. That's why dumpster babies and orphanages are a thing

  • Waseem94
    In most cases sex seekers follow women. But in some cases there may be a guy who secretly loves you. You can avoid bad people and answer them if necessary
  • BlueFlame14
    They don't. Where are you getting your information from?
  • bamesjond0069
    Nah. Immature low esteem guys do. Guys who know their worth just deal with women who respect them.
  • Games_
    Any girl who ignores me gets ignored and I move onto the next. Lol. I'm bot chasing girls who purposely ignore me
  • koolkal
    For some men it's like the lottery, you keep trying hoping to win. Eventually they get a win (a girl is interested) that makes up for all the losses (when most girls ignore them).
  • crazy8000
    Try that on a emotional secure with selfasteam and confidence 😉

    They see you as one in the bunch. you have nothing to come with that is quality.
    • crazy8000

      1. And. most guy's have lots of options.
      (next one that actually put some real extra effort) (showing you have and behave like it is a stereotypical off for males) (an high status or quality person doesn't give a shit how many options anyone has, nor less himself, only what is what they are interested in) (competition theories are just theories just as female's should only be in front of the stove and spread legs in the bed)

      2. She becomes low quality to majority of males and high quality to low quality guy's.

      3. He obviously have no clue how people works in general, even less what kind of individuals that he comes with applies to.

      He obviously comes with theories that sounds good for yung lowdeveloped minds to get clients.
      Very common within PUA industry.

      If I Was you I would lern a lot more about how people psychics works. what kind of behavior attract what. what kind of mental issues and what needs what to get attracted.
      Law of attention. psychology. behavior science. emotional logic. communication science.

      Bottom end is what he comes with only creates fast hookup attraction for certain kind of people that is very low part of humanpopulation.

  • Floki-raven
    Are we in medival Japan again?
    Well if it is like that i will kidnapp someone and than cry than fuck than what ever they called marriage actually is
  • ryan3786
    I disagree with this entirely, if that happens to me I just end communication.
  • John_Doesnt
    Only creepy and desperate men will do that. An Alpha male will move on to the next target without wasting too much time.
  • fred_durst
    it is really depend on her look , if she is beautiful he will chase her whether she didn't give a fuck or not
    if she is ugly , why would a guy chase her even she use dont give a fuck trick , lol
  • It's not the kill, it's the thrill of the chase...
    Because most times, the chase is better than the catch... hence "catch & release"
    being more the normal thing nowadays.
  • DianaWest
    ah, is that why this guy with a girlfriend won't fuck off?
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Someone you go after should be hard to get not play hard to get. They should make you want to be a better versof yourself without actually trying to make you.
  • SpicyBoi17
    Do you have brain damage? Why would a man "swoon" over you for ignoring them?
  • Liam_Hayden
    "Men like it if you ignore them and ghost them." Egotistical ones might. I ask. If she says "No." I move on.
  • the reverse is also true. many males have reported that they'd more women when acted aloof.
    • anon1903

      the forbidden fruit works for both.

  • MrBurke
    Though I'm persistent if she's showing me she's interested, if it's obvious she's not interested I'll generally not give a rat's flying ass about her beyond being a decent person
  • YesIsaidit
    18-24. your advice and findings are very important for the gag nation to take note from lol it'll make a difference
  • rjroy3
    Weird. Because when girls ignore me or ghost (happened once) I just leave.

    Even if you did manage to get with that girl. You really want a relationship when she knows she can do whatever the hell she wants to you and you won't leave? That girl will have zero respect for you and you'll have zero respect for yourself as a man. I'd rather have my balls, pride, self respect and maintain my joy for life.

    Never in my life have I pursued a girl who ignored me. I've pursued girls who were genuinely hard to get. Like they had other guys, or weren't as eager as other girls might be. But I've never pursued girls who outright ignored me. Because... why would you? That's not attractive on either end.
  • olderbutnotwiser
    true story I've had to real crushes in my lifetime both were during school... first in primary or elementary for us folks.

    I liked this girl since the first day and was to shy to ask her out it took me 6 years of liking her, then one day she began to become attracted to me... we dated for a week then I dumped her.

    Similarly in high school had another crush I liked for years finally got her attention and dumped her after 3 days.

    This is why im still single, I lose interest almost immediately when they like me.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I found that this is true of females. they often want what they can't have. Maybe it's a human trait.
  • Mindwipe
    That's a hot chick talkin' and living life on easy mode.
  • Daniel3035
    Yh sure keep dreaming love will get you far. And then you go where are all the good guys?
  • lucas262
    No. they don't.