I still don't understand... Why the shy guys are never given a chance?

I have a friend... We talk about girls all the time. He claims that he's the perfect guy and he takes pride in not sleeping around with random girls, just ones he gets close to. I understand that mindset, but at the same time, he wanted to go make-out with a girl that he knows likes him, just because he was "horny" and he doesn't feel anything for her at all.

The whole night he was making rude remarks about her body and stuff, just being objective of the girl behind her back. What does he do though, he shows confidence and knows how to sweet talk girls. But even though, he thinks he's the perfect guy, all I saw in that incident was him just being another manipulative guy like most. He was playing with her emotions when it all came down to it just for a little bit of self gratification.

I talked to him about it afterwords, I didn't like directly accuse him of doing something wrong, because I realize that's just how he is, but I wanted him to understand that I wouldn't have done what he did. And he laughs at my side of the story a bit, but he claims to understand. I don't think he does completely.

Now here's my story. I'm very respectful of girls. I never make comments about a girls body that come off as rude or anything. I'm not a bad looking guy, people say I'm better looking than my friend, even though he's in better shape than me. I'm a good guy, though, a little shy around girls when it comes to romantic things, but I can talk to them and have a nice conversation. I generally keep my hands to myself. And I don't just settle for any girl.

I want a girl that I can fall in love with, and I want to save myself for "the one" in terms of having sex. I want sex to be so meaningful and special... I would never use a girl for my own personal gratification if I knew she liked me. I know I wouldn't come out satisfied, and I'd feel guilty...

But girls just don't seem to like me. Like they're friendly, I'm friendly, but they don't feel any attraction to me.

I just don't understand why guys like me, that aren't pigs, are never the ones to be looked at by girls. I'm 19 and have never had a GF, or really even been on a date.

I just wish a girl would just give me a chance to spend some quality time with her, and give me a chance to open up and show her the real me, because I'm shy and its hard to be myself in public a lot of times. I think she'd find a lot to love, I have a lot of talents and everything, I'm athletic, and I have a lot of love to give, but I don't just throw it out there for the sake of personal satisfaction.

When I develop feelings for someone, I mean it. And I only want to show my love when I mean it, but I haven't ever gotten that far yet... :(

Any opinions or advice?


I still don't understand... Why the shy guys are never given a chance?
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