Guys, would you date a clumsy, shy girl?

I've know this guy for a while, we're pretty good friends by now. He knows I'm verys shy, but when we're together, we always seem to have a ball. We share our funny anecdotes, we share the SAME music taste (none of my other friends share it), and we just seem to talk about anything whenever we want. Not only that, but he's such a gentleman to me (like he gave me his chair when there were none, and he has offered to help me in various occations).
He's such a nice, funny, smart, polite, and considerate person, and I couldn't help but like him. There's a problem, though. He's all those things, while I'm shy, bad at sports, only good academically, and VERY clumsy. Many of my friends (even friends who are girls) have said I've got a "heart of gold," but I feel that isn't enough to compensate for all of my bad traits. I do wish my friend would like me more as a friend, but I'm not sure if that could ever happen. I wouldn't like to ruin what we have.
So guys, would you date one of your friends, even if she was very clumsy, shy, and often awkward? :/
Guys, would you date a clumsy, shy girl?
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