SO he isn't shy anymore, what does that mean?

Oh man where do I begin. here is a short version about this guy. I have known him forever, we have always flirted back and forth (mainly him to me), and he asked me out once but I thought he was kidding, then in about 10th grade we stopped having classes together and he got shy. I mean he was always kind of shy towards me, but not as bad. Like after he would like "put himself out there" or say something really flirtatious to me he would always like blush are look down and smile. But then he got shy to the point where all he did was stare at me and that's about it. Well I found out from his stepmom (long story haha) that he is really shy towards girls (that he likes I assume). So that all made sense. Well then some things happened that made it awkward, ad he was even more shy to me. Like we never talked. And now this year we have a class together and at first we didn't really talk, but now we talk everyday. Its always me hm and this other guy. And he knows we both love the movie step brothers, and he is always quoting from that movie and today he was like "you and I are the only ones that get that." and he still does it even though no one gets it but me. And we laugh and joke around. And I catch him still staring at me, and sometimes he will smile and stare at me. And he always makes sure I am included and the conversation, even though I always am anyway. But like today he was looking at a magazine and showing some pics to the other guy and was making fun of the people in them and he made sure to show me and was like"which one is worse?" and just little stuff like that. I mean I guess a lot of people do that, but most guys I know wouldn't bother making sure everyone was involved. I guess I am trying to say he makes sure I am always part of the group (even though it's just three of us). So I mean he isn't acting shy to me much anymore, but I still catch him staring unnecessarily and at random times, and smiling at me and doing little things like I mentioned before.

So this means he wouldn't like me anymore right? Since his stepmom said he was shy around girls, and he isn't shy around me anymore. He treats me like a friend, with the staring and smiling thrown in.

So I really have no idea what is going on
SO he isn't shy anymore, what does that mean?
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