Immature ex boyfriend is hurting me on purpose?

My ex boyfriend blocked me on Facebook, he's been expressing that he will get back at me? Thing is that he cut me off after we had our fight five months ago, then he started sending me random messages and we were cool. I decided to finally ask him what was going on between the two of us since I still had feelings for him but he was pressuring me, he was so eager to hear and told me that he could not sit around and wait anymore. Everything came out wrong and he misinterpreted everything, as if I was playing with him. Now he's really hurting me. He's been posting tons of pictures of girls onto his instagram, flirting with them and expressing through social medias how I'm not worth him. I have been crying cause everything just took a huge turn, this was not my intention. WHY is he hurting me this way? Why couldn't he just tell me never to contact him anymore instead? I'm so angry.
Immature ex boyfriend is hurting me on purpose?
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