Why do guys watch girls eat?

I dont understand. What is so entertaining about watching a girl eat? I dont stare at guys when they eat. People have to eat. I dont see the big deal.

Every time i eat around guys, they always watch me eat. I've gone to eat with my coworkers and guy friends and they always watch me eat. It's awkward. I'll be digging into my food and when i look up, they're right there look at me and smiling, like if they're amused by it. It makes me feel weird.

I dont eat like a pig. I eat neatly. I dont eat messy food like wings or burgers. i dont eat meat, but i eat other things normal people eat like pancakes, and fries and pizza.

sometimes i've even gone to restaurants with my friends and i've noticed that sometimes, there's guys from other tables who keep watching me while i eat. i dont know why. but its so awkward.

is it amusing to watch people eat or something?
Why do guys watch girls eat?
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