What are the signs of a repressed homosexual?

I think my best friend (who is a male) might be a closeted gay. I found his second Twitter account by accident one day and there were a couple of tweets that has me thinking he's a closet gay. He told me that his friend wrote the tweets in question and it wasn't his account. But I know its his because I recognised some of his pics. He told me his friend stole his pics and info and pretended to be him. My best friend told me he isn't gay but I'm still thinking he is. And since then he's been overly affectionate with me. He's always been affectionate but lately he's been kissing me on the forehead etc. As if to prove he isn't gay? So what are the signs of a closeted gay man? Please no generalisations.
What are the signs of a repressed homosexual?
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