Ex texts me every two weeks?

Last year, I dated a guy for less than a year, things went south and I broke up with him. We said we never wanted to see each other again. I knew I meant it, but I don't think he did. I deleted his contact info, blocked him on fb, and moved on with my life.

On my birthday a couple months later, I get a happy birthday text from a random number. I didn't make the connection that it was my ex until later that night. He showed up with his friends at the same bar I was in with my friends. He even has a date with him, who I think is his current gf. They go and stand right next to us. My group tried to separate ourselves from them and went to the opposite end of the bar. Not five minutes later, they surround us and want to talk to me. That's when I got mad. It was so obvious that we left them. I told my ex off and that I never wanted to see him again and to stop texting me. My friends and I left for another bar to continue with my birthday celebrations.

A couple months later, and for every two weeks after that, my ex texts the typical "Hey" texts or he sends me his selfies, some more suggestive in his poses than others. Sometimes these texts are around 1-3am and others are in the afternoon/evening. I'm not responding to any of it. He's had another gf almost immediately after we broke up, six months ago. I want to text him and tell him to knock it off, but that'd be the third time I'd be telling him I didn't want to see or text him anymore. What's his deal? I'm pretty sure he never cheated on me when we dated, but it seems like he wants to cheat on his current gf.

I'm going to continue ignoring him unless the internet says otherwise. Thanks for reading and please do lend a comment if you have any advice


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  • I think your ex is trying to make you jealous and maybe try to get back at you. Maybe this is his pay back. Another possibility I feel is maybe he misses you and may want to hook up and get back together. Just because he has a girlfriend doesn't mean that he is happy and doesn't mean that she is like you. Maybe your wya better then she is.


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  • Continue to ignore him. I had a similar situation. I actually had moved on and had another boyfriend and I had him call my ex to tell him to f off. Maybe you can have a male friend do the same?


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