Does not receiving a morning text mean that?

Does not receiving a good morning text from this guy I like mean that he doesn't think about me? I just figured if you thought of someone you would want to contact them and say hello or something. He's on and off with the good morning texts so sometimes he sends them and other times he doesn't. And yes I text him good morning sometimes too. So I was just wondering, for the times that he doesn't say good morning, does it mean that he hasn't thought of me yet that day? I know he likes me, I was just wondering if he thought about me.


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  • I am sure he has thought of you. Sometimes I wouldn't text guys every morning if I was interested in them. It is not like they are my boyfriend or anything so I didn't want to come off as annoying. I say 90% he thought about you at least once on the days he didn't text you in the morning. Don't worry about it!


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